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New Trivia Coming Soon

Added 1/30/2006
The answer to the last question, for anyone left wondering...

Auld Lang Syne

Added 1/2/2005
How did "Auld Lang Syne" come to be associated with New Year's Eve?

Steely Dan

Added 12/13/2004
What is the band Steely Dan named after?

Crimson Tide

Added 11/21/2004
Why do they call Alabama the Crimson Tide?

Tiananmen Square

Added 11/13/2004
What was the name of the street in this photo of the man vs. tank standoff? 

Presidents from Texas

Added 11/7/2004
Name all the US presidents who where born in Texas?


Added 10/31/2004
How many active volcanoes are in the United States? (For the purposes of this question, count only volcanoes that are "historically active", i.e. volcanoes that have a written ...

Civil War

Added 10/24/2004
Why was Cherbourg, France named a historic (US) Civil War site?

Hoist with his own petard

Added 10/16/2004
What exactly is a "petard"?

Coat Hangers

Added 8/23/2004
Who invented the coat hanger?

The Gilligan Dilemma

Added 8/7/2004
This week we are going to try something a little different. This week's question is not a trivia question, but more of a philosophical question. There are no "right" answers, but ...

Once in a Blue Moon

Added 8/1/2004
How often does a "blue moon" occur?


Added 7/25/2004
Name three authors who have reached #1 on the New York Times best-seller list, for both fiction and non-fiction?


Added 7/18/2004
What country is the oldest republic still in existence today?

Batman and Robin

Added 7/11/2004
Who provided the voice of Robin on TV's "Superfriends"?


Added 6/28/2004
Who was the state of Maryland named for?

X Marks the Spot

Added 6/20/2004
Why do traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange sometimes wear an "X" made from duct tape on their clothing?

The Twist

Added 6/8/2004
How did Chubby Checker get his name?

The Topology of Hollywood

Added 5/24/2004
Who is the center of the Hollywood universe? (and no, it is not Kevin Bacon.) And just to make it interesting, and to keep random guessing to a minimum, this week your first ...

80-20 Rule

Added 5/10/2004
Who discovered the "80-20 Rule"?


Added 5/4/2004
Where does the name "tabby" come from?


Added 4/27/2004
What does the "WD" in WD-40 stand for?

Mount Vernon

Added 4/19/2004
What war established the military career of the man for whom Mount Vernon is named?

National Anthems

Added 4/12/2004
What was the first national anthem?


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