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Colbert thanks Suq Madiq

Watch as Stephen Colbert tries to keep it together... (from the Colbert Report)

Shining - Trailer

New trailer for Shining, a light-hearted romantic comedy, and our pick for the feel-good movie of the summer...

French Horns

They say Frenchmen are horny…

Code Monkey

Music by Jonathan Coulton's, from his "Thing a Week" project,  Video by Mike Spiff

Pinky the Cat

Meet Pinky...

Pearl Jam Lyrics

Everybody now...

Swear Jar

(Bud Light commercial)

Ravenous Wolves


The dangers of ice fishing

Here fishy, fishy, fishy...

Tidy Up

A compelling reason to tidy up...

Gerbil Cannon



Cats doing funny things...

Exploding Whale

What happens when you mix one dead whale and half a ton of dynamite...

Robin Williams on Golf

A brief excerpt from the 2002 video release "Robin Williams Live on Broadway"…  Note: This clip contains coarse language (but with a nifty Scottish accent)


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