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IT Phases

Phases of Life for an IT Professional

Phase 1: As a Junior Programmer you're in awe of how smart your superiors and colleagues are.

Phase 2: As a Mid-level Programmer you realize some of the people you thought were smart are not.

Phase 3: As Project Leader you know the right way to do things and you fight the battles to get them done.

Phase 4: As Project Manager you plan to make everyone happy and pick your battles accordingly.

Phase 5 : As an experienced Project Mgr. you realize you can't make everyone happy so you fight the battles to keep your boss happy.

Phase 6: As a very experienced Project Mgr. you realize you can't make anybody happy, so you go along with whatever they say, and when it blows up blame the decision makers and hope you get a new project soon.

Phase 7: As an over-experienced Project Manager you delegate and just don't give a shit.

Phase 8: As the most senior Project Mgr. you work hard to buy your retirement RV before the project due date.

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