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Pinky the Cat

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Meet Pinky...

The Topology of Hollywood

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Who is the center of the Hollywood universe? (and no, it is not Kevin Bacon.) And just to make it interesting, and to keep random guessing to a minimum, this week your first ...

Santa's Little Helpers

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I suppose this explains why he's always so jolly...
Santa's little helpers

Civil War

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Why was Cherbourg, France named a historic (US) Civil War site?

Hoist with his own petard

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What exactly is a "petard"?

Okay, now you have two wishes left...

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The AP reports today that an Indonesian mother, identified only as Ineng, was cooking breakfast when she heard her 10 month old son Riyan crying.  When she ...

Things I Learned in College

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by Curtis Wiggins Golf Ball + Tennis Racquet + Indoor Hallway = Awesome! No toilet paper, no paper towels... got coffee filters? You can make pizza with Bisquick and spaghetti. You ...

Civilization finally comes to Afghanistan

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CNN reports today that an Irish pub, a real Irish pub, has opened in Kabul, Afghanistan.  It opened St. Patrick's Day this year (of course).  ...


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