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A story about genies...

A story about genies...

A husband and wife were out enjoying a round of golf about to tee off on the third hole which was lined by beautiful homes. The wife hit her shot and the ball began to slice.

Her shot was headed directly at a very large plate glass window. Much to their surprise, the ball smashed through the window and shattered it into a million pieces.

They felt compelled to see what damage was done and drove off to see what had happened. When they peeked inside the home, they could find no one there. The husband called out and no one answered. Upon further investigation, they saw a gentleman sitting on the couch with a turban on his head.

The wife said, "Do you live here?"

"No, someone just hit a ball through that window, knocked over the vase you see there, and freed me from that little bottle. I am so grateful", he answered. The wife, said, "Are you a genie?"

"Oh why yes, I am. In fact, I am so grateful, I will grant you two wishes, the third I will keep for myself." the man replied.

The husband and wife agreed on two was for a scratch handicap for the husband, to which the wife readily agreed. The other was for an income of $1,000,000 per year for the rest of their lives. The genie nodded and said, "Done!"

The genie now said, "For my wish I would like to have my way with your wife. I have not been with a woman for many years and after all, I have made you a scratch golfer and millionaire."

The husband and wife agreed.

After the genie and wife finished, the genie asked the wife "How long have you been married?"

She replied, "3 years. "

The genie then asked, "How old is your husband?"

To which she responded, "31 years old."

"No Shit! And he still believes in genies?"

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