Rod Steiger

The game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" is played by picking an actor, and linking him or her to another actor by way of movies in which both have appeared, and linking that actor to another actor, and so on, until a path is created from the original actor to Kevin Bacon.

99.972% of actors can thus be linked to Kevin Bacon in six moves or less. In fact, it is remarkably difficult to find an actor requiring more than two or three moves. However, Kevin Bacon is not the most "well connected" actor in the Hollywood universe.

According to the University of Virginia, where the latest IMdb (Internet Movie database) data is loaded into an Oracle database (creating the "Oracle of Bacon"), there are over a thousand other actors who are better "centers" of the Hollywood universe than Kevin Bacon. As of June 2004, the ten best "centers" are as follows...

Rod Steiger
Christopher Lee
Dennis Hopper
Donald Pleasence
Donald Sutherland
Max von Sydow
Anthony Quinn
Charlton Heston
Harvey Keitel
Martin Sheen

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