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A dildo.

Not just any dildo, but a series of fictional Japanese dildos from the William Burroughs novel "Naked Lunch". Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, the founding members of Steely Dan, were fond of obscure references, as evidenced in their music, and were both fans of the "beat" literature of Burroughs, Kerouac, and the like.

WHO GOT IT RIGHT:  Robin of GA, Robbie Moore, Duke Duquette, JP Weigt, Dr Feelgood, Bob Milligan, Kathi Reynolds, Fred Holcomb, Denny Maxwell, Pete Daggett, Luz Velasco, Peter Phelan, Andie J, Arne Haaning, John Kenefick, Iron Saul, Marc Quinlivan, Gabe Velez, Bill, Marty Paul, Cindy Coathanger, Dustin F, Rick Gough, Dennie Rickert, Joe Kochevar, and Brad Bidnick.

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