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Presidents From Texas - ANSWER

  Dwight Eisenhower
  Lyndon Johnson

Fellow reader George Oldroyd provided the following wealth of information about US Presidents and their birthplaces...

  A six letter answer:  Ike, LBJ.  W. is a Texan in spirit only.  The same goes for Poppy Bush.  They transplanted to Texas when the elder Bush graduated Yale, and allegedly drove out in some red Studebaker that's been shown to have been assembled in the factory of some biographer's imagination.  They're both born and bred Yankees, but George H.W. Bush was actually born in Massachusetts.  See, Massachusetts produced a World Series winner since 1918.  It was just the college World Series...

  There's a clause in the Constitution that forbids any Presidential nominee to nominate anyone from his own state as Vice President - which is why Cheney had to split Texas in the dead of night and register in his home state of Wyoming in order to get the nod in 2000 - but that's really the only reason apart from state pride that Presidential state of origin is interesting. New York had eight, Ohio six.  Virginia was the birthplace of a lot of Presidents, but the home state of only four.

  Now, if you count the Presidents of the Continental Congress and the Presidents of the United States in Congress Assembled, which predate the present Constitution, You still only get two Presidents born in Texas, but you also get to show off that you know about those guys and the whole Articles of Confederation mess.  And Samuel Huntingdon, the first President of the US in Congress Assembled, was from Connecticut.  Like me and George W.

  Huntingdon was also one of two Presidents of the Continental Congress to later serve as President of the United States in Congress Assembled under the Articles.  The other was John Hancock, who was President of the First Continental Congress.  (I live for this stuff...)

  And George Washington resigned his commission as Commander of Continental forces to Congress President Thomas Mifflin, who had previously actually conspired to overthrow Washington and had basically been a spy for George III.  Somebody ought to make a movie of that!

WHO GOT IT RIGHT:  JP Weigt, Dr Feelgood, Pete Daggett, George Oldroyd, Bob Milligan, Kay van Nielen, Robbie Moore, Marc Quinlivan, Rick Gough, Arne Haaning, Brett Dougherty, Luz Velasco, Denny Maxwell, Thomas Lanahan, and Staci Chesher.

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