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In the early days the team had no name, they were simply known by their varsity colors, "Crimson White". It was sportswriters who gave them their first name, "The Thin Red Line". This remained popular until a pivotal rain-soaked game in 1907 between Alabama and arch-rival Auburn. (It would be the last such match-up for nearly 40 years.) Although Auburn was the heavy favorite, 'Bama responded to their onslaught with "wave after wave" of solid football, holding their own in the red Alabama mud, and holding Auburn to a 6-6 tie. According to legend, sportswriter Hugh Roberts of the Birmingham Age-Herald first used the phrase the "Crimson Tide" to describe their performance in that game. The name stuck, thanks to another sportswriter, Zipp Newman of the Birmingham News, who is credited with popularizing the name. Years later the elephant became the team mascot under similar journalistic circumstances.

WHO GOT IT RIGHT:  Pete Daggett, Duke Duquette, Dr Feelgood, George Oldroyd, Bob Milligan, Marc Quinlivan, JP Weigt, Denny Maxwell, Arne Haaning, Robbie Moore, Stephanie Fisher, Luz Velasco, Marika Thiessen, Thomas Lanahan, Stephen Dick, Rick Gough, and Mark Dubin.

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