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Ethnic Humor and Political Correctness

Here at the Phineas T. Manbottle Library of Arcane Knowledge and Questionable Humor we try very hard to avoid being politically correct. Quite simply, we do not believe in political correctness any more than we believe in "thought police", "doublespeak", or "the ministry of information".

That said, we also believe that hatred and mean-spiritedness are simply not funny. The single most important criteria we use when evaluating any joke (ethnic or not) is exactly this - Is it funny? Hatefulness, meanness, belittlement, bigotry, and tired old stereotypes to us simply are not funny.

On the other hand, garden-variety tastelessness we often find very funny. We feel that there is great humor that can be derived from pointing out our cultural and historical differences. We further feel that this humor can be derived without denegrating any one group of people.

This selection process is, unquestionably, a subjective process, and you may not always agree with our results. Humor, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. If nothing else, please understand that it is never our intention to offend any one single group. (Rather, given the opportunity, we would much rather offend everyone.) Our intention is only to entertain.

We do have one possible exception to our guidelines, which is this - Blonde jokes are always funny.

One last point - We always welcome your feedback, positive or negative. Mail any comments to . Say anything you like, just so long as you understand that we reserve the right to ignore you.

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