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Underpants Fail to Mask Robber's Identity

Friday October 5 8:30 AM ET

Underpants Fail to Mask Robber's Identity

OSLO (Reuters) - A drunken Norwegian who pulled a pair of underpants over his face and robbed a post office was awakened by police two days later to find he had tipped them off about his identity.

The 47-year-old drunk charged into the post office and handed over a note saying "This is a robbery," the local newspaper Bergensavisen said on Friday.

But his wife's name and personal details were on the back of the demand note, the newspaper said.

The man told a court he did not remember the robbery, but admitted he had a suspicion of having been up to no good when he woke up and saw a picture of the be-knickered robber in the newspaper and found a large wad of money in his living room.

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