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Trent Dilfer

Trent Dilfer recently returned home and had an incredibly hard time getting into the front door. It seems someone painted an end zone in front of the house.

Trent Dilfer was so depressed over his three interceptions in Miami that he took a gun and put it to his head, but when he pulled the trigger, the bullet was intercepted

I was recently down at the court house and saw a large amount of media persons around one courtroom. I asked the bailiff what was going on and he said it was for the Trent Dilfer Trial. Stunned, I asked the bailiff when Trent was arrested, and he said it was for Domestic Battery, he was said he hit her. But the jury found him not guilty, noting Trent hasn't hit anyone in three years.

Did you hear what happened when Trent Dilfer threw out the first pitch at the Devil Rays game? It went incomplete

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