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The magic of Smoke

A little know fact that most engineers, technicians and auto mechanics overlook is the magic of smoke.

Yes, smoke.

It is the guts of most everything that works.........



Engine Sensors

Electrical Modules

Dashboard Instruments


.........and many, many more devices.

Before you say I'm full of Bunk, think about it for a minute.

What happened when your radio stopped working last time? Hey, I bet smoke came out of it!

My TV went on the fritz last week. Know what? Smoke came out of it.

Last time the engine on my Fiero died, (you guessed it) Smoke came out of it.

When the tach quit working on my Formula, smoke came out from under the dash.

When my driver side power window stopped in a rainstorm at the toll plaza, smoke came out from around the door.

Nancy's curling iron stopped working this morning, the smoke came out of it and filled the bathroom.

That's it! It's smoke. Smoke is the magic ingredient that makes most everything work.

Let the smoke out - and it stops working.

Simple. I thought everyone knew that?

-- Randy Agee

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