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Thanksgiving Mistake

Mrs. Ashley telephoned the headquarters of the infantry near Great Oaks, her ancestral home. "This is Mrs. Chauncey Ashley the Third, and with Thanksgiving coming up, I thought it would be nice for us to invite some of the young soliders to our holiday feast. We have enough space that we can easily seat ten young men."

"That's very kind of you, Mrs. Ashley."

"There's only one thing--I'm sure you understand: my husband and I prefer not to have any Jews..."

"Madam, I quite understand."

When her front doorbell rang on Thanksgiving Day, Mrs. Ashley, dressed to the nines, hurried to the door herself. She flung it open. "Welcome to Great..." She stopped, aghast. Under the great portico stood ten smiling black soldiers.

"Omigod," gasped Mrs. Ashley. "There has been a terrible mistake!"

The black sergeant said, "Oh no, ma'am. Captain Finkelstein never makes a mistake."

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