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Nursery Rhyme Haiku

I am a teapot

Here is handle, here is spout

I am a teapot

Mary had a lamb

Followed her to school one day

Children laughed and played

There were three blind mice

They freaked out the farmer's wife

She cut off their tails

Itsy-bit spider,

he climbed up a waterspout

Was drowned by the rain

Little Jack Horner

was caught playing with his food

"A good boy am I"

Humpty Dumpty sat,

till he fell off of the wall

Humpty Dumpty f_cked

Jack and Jill went up -

Why was water up the hill?

Where did Jack get crown?

There once was a clock,

hickory dickory dock,

had problem with mice

Jack be nimble and

jump over the candlestick

Jack don't sound too "quick"

Little Miss Muffet

Sat eating her curds and whey

Squished a big spider

Pete - pumpkin eater

Could not keep his wife at home

Time to change his diet

Rock a bye baby

Should not leave child in treetop

Strong wind - baby fall

Was a crooked man

He did lots of crooked things

Enron accountant?

Old Mother Hubbard

She kept bones in her cupboard

Her dog starved to death

Willie Winkie cried

"Are the children all in bed?"

What is up with that?

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