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Mixed Metaphors from the Workplace

"He's not the brightest cookie in the lamp."

"Predicting is difficult, especially when it involves the future."

"That thing was jumping up and down like a sieve."

"We will be downsizing, and hopefully people will be leaving through nutrition."

"Hold on; the roller coaster is just leaving the dock."

"I have a photogenic memory and a near-genius IQ!"

"I've got a bone in my bonnet about this."

"They are raising the bar and they want us to jump through it."

"We've burned the first bridge, but we're not out of the woodwork yet."

"Well, you finished that project by the skin of your pants!"

"That idea went over like a ball of wax."

"You still have two minutes, as the crow flies."

A basketball player recently commented that since his trade, "Everything has been peaches and gravy."

"It's not wrong; it's just not specific enough."

My boss tried to compliment my memory the other day, with the assertion that I "must have a real data suppository in my head."

"Not the sharpest knife in the deck."

"Off the cuff of my head, I don't know."

"He's been beating his head around the bush for a long time."

From the classroom: "Mr. Black, how many undiscovered islands are left in the world?"

"Everybody's got oxen to grind."

"Each of you pitched a home run today!"

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