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Lisping Dwarf

A dwarf with a lisp went to a horse show to buy a mare. He wandered around until he came across a beautiful mare inside a small enclosure with a farmer standing at the gate. He went up to the farmer and said, "Excthuth me, can I have a look at your horth?" "Sure", the farmer replied, "Come on in.

The dwarf wandered round and round the mare, stopped, and said to the farmer, "Her eyeth, her eyeth, I want to see her eyeth."The farmer had to bend down and pick up the dwarf to show him the mare's eyes. "Nith eyeth, nith eyeth, I like thith horth, I like thith horth, I think I want to buy thith horth."

Once again the dwarf wandered around the horse, in turn asking the farmer to pick him up and show him the mare's ears and exclaimed, "Nith earth, nith earth, I like thith horth, I like thith horth, I think I want to buy thith horth." The farmer started to get upset by this stage, because the dwarf was quite heavy.

Suddenly, the dwarf stopped in his tracks and said, "Her twat, her twat I want to see her twat!"The farmer, infuriated, picked up the dwarf and drove him head first into the mare's backside. The farmer left the dwarf with his little legs kicking and wandered off to talk to his mates for a couple of minutes. The farmer returned and extracted the dwarf from his predicament, SCHLOOOOP!" The dwarf wiped himself down and responded, "I think I better wephrase that... I'd like to see her gallop!"

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