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If Bush get's elected, I'll leave the country...

Ever wonder what happened to all those celebrities who promised to leave the country if George W. Bush was elected president?

The original statements:

Eddie Vedder - "I'm moving to a different country if little Damien II gets elected."

Alec Baldwin - was never quoted directly, but reportedly made a statement to his wife Kim Basinger, who was later quoted in Focus magazine saying that Alec "might leave the country if Bush is elected president ... and then I'd probably have to go too."

Barbara Streisand - "I don't think you'll see me around here for at least four years."

Robert Altman - "If George Bush is elected president, I'm leaving for France."

Pierre Salinger - "If Bush wins, I'm going to leave the country and spend the rest of my life in France."

The outcome:

Eddie Vedder was "extremely disappointed", but not enough to leave the US. He did go to Hawaii, however.

Alec Baldwin claims that he never made the statement, but even if he did it wouldn't matter since Bush wasn't really elected, he was "selected by five judges up in Washington who voted along party lines". (He originally claimed his wife never spoke with Focus magazine, a claim which he later recanted.)

Barbara Streisand, who was at a White House dinner when she made the statement, claims that when she said she would not be seen "around here" that she was only referring to not being seen around the White House.

Robert Altman, despite being caught on film, later insisted that he was misquoted, saying "Here's what I really said. I said that if Bush gets elected, I'll move to Paris, Texas, because the state will be better off if he's out of it."

Pierre Salinger moved to France.

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