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Two cowboys were leanin up against the rail at their favorite bar. They're tired and worn out from a long day, havin a couple of longnecks, just relaxin and talkin, watchin the women go by. This really beautiful brunette walks by and the two cowboys look at her, tip their hats back a little, look at each other, smile, and one of them says, "I'll give her a 3." The other cowboy nods slowly, and says, "Yep. She's a 3 for sure."

A little while later another woman, this time a fantastic lookin blonde, comes walkin by in front of them.. The first cowboy looks her up and down, smiles, takes a sip from his beer, and says to the second cowboy, "Well, I think that one must be a 4." The second cowboy agrees, and says, "Yep... she sure is a 4."

Time passes on by and the cowboys are still sippin their beers, just watchin folks pass. Then, across the room comes this absolutely gorgeous, drop-dead beautiful redhead... As she comes near them, they both kinda straighten up and tip their hats back a little for a better look.

The first cowboy smiles real wide, looks at his pal and says, "Damn. That one has GOT to be a 6." The second cowboy nods slowly, grins, and says "Yep. DEFINITELY a 6."

Well, the redhead hears them... and she is NOT amused. She turns around sharply and comes right up to the two grinning cowboys. She looks the first one in the eye and says, "Excuse me. But, are you two actually standing there rating women??!?"

The cowboys look kinda embarrassed... stare down at their boots, and they both nod. One of them says, "Well, yes ma'am, we are, but you don't understand..." She is REAL mad now... and looks at the cowboy and says, "Well, I'll have you know I've been rated far higher than that, by far better than YOU."

The second cowboy says, "But, ma'am, you really don't understand!"

And she says, "Well, what is it I don't understand? Here you are, rating women. I understand THAT."

The first cowboy says, "But ma'am, we use a different kinda rating system......."

The redhead says, "Oh, and what would THAT be? No one has EVER rated me a SIX before..."

The second cowboy says, "Well, we use the Budweiser method, ma'am."

So she asks..."What in the hell is the Budweiser method?"

The first cowboy smiles, looks at her and slowly says, "Well, ma'am, that's how many Clydesdales it would take to pull you off of my face.

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