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which a variety of taste

Guest Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 10:38 PM

t, trembling along the well wall step by step to climb up. Through the practice of life and language expression Air Jordan 3 Retro exercises, my writing level has been greatly improved. I am keenly interested in writing maths and I have a lot of interest in the essay. I have been encouraged by the fact that I have published my articles on several occasions. A month later, I received a copy of the bill, I am excited to take a few copies, put it in the notebook, let it spread the fermentation. Indeed, the college entrance examination of the defeat so I missed a lot of opportunities, but let me find another highlight of their own.Although I am constantly frustrated on the road of life, but I am convinced that: the fate is just, it is just that it is mercilessly against a person, but also on the other side quietly fulfilled him.?Fate, not the day decision, but the people will win the day Fate, is a very ethereal thing, some people believe that fate, went to the top of the tower, or fall to the bottom of the cliff. Some people want to Guards change their lives, but the probability of success, and the same six, but with perseverance, and finally one day, in front, no longer a gray fog. I never believe in fate, because it is too fake, seven people set the three-point set, what life sometimes have to have, what life no time to be no, it is just looking for the harbor, not to work, how Know what the outcome is, do not work hard, how do you know it is poisonous fruit or sweet fruit? Only through, and tried, even if it is a dream, but know where to go next step I am not powerful, dare not boast what and what, I have no ability to do the servant, I only know that one minute earlier, or more effort for a minute, from the dream exit closer. For the ideal of the people just out of society, facing the ideal, facing the community, stay for a long time will be silly, like more will be crazy, hard for a long time will be disappointed to see more ruthless, scar will be more reality, Work for a long time will be hypocritical. Finally, the formation of a hypocritical person, the reality of people, ruthless people, villains and gentlemen, which society which a gentleman? Are in the hearts of the dream of hard work, are holding a fuzzy map to find their own way, people have emotions, have selfishness, some people block their own way will be relentless trampling in the past, there are obstacles to block will climb. Into the king defeated Kou, only see if you have no perseverance, self-confidence, the outcome is always successful writing.There is a disability is not terrible, the legs did not have the hand, the hand did not have the heart, if not even heart, then, congratulations, a lifetime, your dream is a dream after all. Ideal, what is the ideal? It is not the mouth of the plan, nor is it an excuse for perfunctory, it is their own heart, the ideal of the final pool, is happy, in order to have their own ideals, in order to lovers have an ideal, for the family has the ideal, with the ideal There Nike Free Powerlines is a dream, dream and ideal, the word thousands of miles away. Somebody said here that you broke my plan Cheap Air Jordan Shoes Authentic Nike Shoes and said that you broke my plan. plan? What is your plan? Even the plan is what do not know, that is almost a joke, right? Do not even know how to plan, who will serve you? Who will believe you? Who will follow you? Even if it is a family, do not dare? Junior high school graduation and university graduate, maybe college graduates looking for a job, but why do not think why when the boss is a lot of junior high school students? It is because, college students look down on society, only the ideal no plan, plan, already already proud of the slaves, hot hand will be retracted hand, thinking about the opportunity is more, and junior high school because of early out of the community, only the plan is not ideal , The ideal, has long been the social diploma destroyed into a smoke, will only stare at a direction, even if the front is the knife mountain flames, do not retreat, because he knows, do not advance, fate, will ruthless to obliterate him. Plan, not by a mouth to speak out, but by the inextricably thought, sweat, pain, regret over made a picture. I just graduated from junior high school, can not graduate from college than wages, that will let me desperate.I am just a boy, no law and girls than youth, they can use youth faster than others for ten years, and I can only try to make more effort for a minute. I am just a rural person, can not and city people than the family, they Men Air Max 90 can rely on the family less effort for ten years, and I can not waste a minute.Can be graduated from junior high school, college, boys, girls, rural people, urban people, there is a difference? The same person, but not the same heart, dare than now, but ten years, twenty years, thirty years later, Cheap Nike Shoes you dare than it?My heart, under the destruction of reality, only one idea, effort, effort, forward, forward . in front, will not always be gray fog, there will be a day to see the bright sunshine.Even if the black and blue, but also live beautiful Sometimes life, just like tea, which a variety of taste, onl

Guest Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 5:14 AM

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