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when we refueling shouting

Guest Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 10:41 PM

balance, people should be equal. Groveling to live, it is better to die with dignity, people should live with dignity. For their own dignity, struggle! Six, in order not to be bullied.Fox cheated the pig, only laugh 'really stupid', will never sigh the pity of the atmosphere; wolf eat the sheep, will only say 'really fragrant', will not shed sympathy tears. Mosquito hi chen tender flesh, insects bite soft wood. Chair the more soft Men Air Max 2015 LG the more people sit, the more the more gentle the more people lying, the more people the more bullying Things low people step, people weak bullying The country is weak and invaded. Weakness is incompetent, incompetent is behind, behind is beaten. Diamond can cut glass because it is harder than glass. Needle paper paper rotten, acupuncture needle broken. Fine not cheated, strong not be bullied. Things hard people do not touch, strong people do not bully. Weak and weak, strong by the device. Country by strength, people rely on ability (including character). Strong and unavoidable, weak and hard to keep. State Authentic Nike Shoes Sale power is not invaded, people have the ability not to be bullied. Not being jealous, often being bullied. Not afraid of people bullying, afraid to be fooled not fighting struggle. In order not to be bullied, struggle! Seven, in order not to be made by the people.Only self-reliance, to self-reliance; only self-reliance, to autonomy. Eat their own food at ease, earn their own money to spend comfortable. Only to keep, or to eat meat, or to play. By the gift of the people will be made by the people. Helping people to be happy. For their own can be independent, struggle it! Eight, for their own happiness.True happiness is not whether the goal is achieved, but rather to achieve the goal of struggle. Because, dry their favorite things, tired, hard is a kind of enjoyment, is a kind of happiness.Ready-made meals are easy to Air Max TN I Mens eat, but not palatable To discuss only Wotou, dinner will be Shanzhen. Happiness is not only determined by the attitude, more importantly, determined by our Air Max Shoes hard-working, is by our hard-working sweat in exchange for. Heaven will not fall gold, underground will not take silver. For their own happiness, struggle! Nine, in order to help others.Everyone has a sympathetic heart, most people have a charity heart, there are many people have 'line chivalry' heart. You want to meet your 'these hearts', you want to help others, you must have to help others the capital, that is, there is a strong oneself. To help others, struggle! Ten, for the glory of the family.As the saying goes: water to the low flow, people go to the height For the family, people are so hope, hope their family warm, rich, glory and so on. You can not choose the appearance, but you can choose the soul and change the appearance; you do not work, but you can not choose the face You can choose the family, but you can choose to struggle to change the family. For the glory of the family, struggle! Eleven, for Air Jordan 3 Retro the motherland's strong.Liang Qichao said: juvenile wisdom is the national wisdom, juvenile strong national strong. Analogy can be said: national wisdom is the national wisdom, national strong national strong. If a country's vast majority of national intelligence is low, the ability is not strong (not high moral, bad health, etc.), then the country's science and technology, culture, education, military, Wholesale Air Jordan Shoes economic and other strength can be strong? The country is the river, the small family is the river out of the creek; country is a tree, a small family is the growth of trees on the foliage. The river is dry, the creek must be anhydrous; trees to the branches and leaves must wither. So, for the country is also for small home, but also for their own. For the strength of the motherland, struggle it! Twelve, in order to social beauty.When talking about the essence of man, Marx said, 'The essence of man is not an abstraction of a single person, and it is the sum of all social relations in its reality.' This argument of Marx's nature about man is Its very profound philosophical significance. Here, I just want to pass this definition more affirmative, clear that: people are social people, people's survival, life, work and all other activities are inseparable from the community. People can not choose the same family, can not choose the community. Every generation enters life, when every baby landed, he encounters some of the starting conditions that have already been prepared for their survival - the social environment. People are the product of this environment, this environment in many ways determines the human activities. However, people also have to 'decide' the social side, that is able to dynamically transform the side of society. So, for us, our future generations depend on the society is better, struggle!For their own survival, for their own ideals, for their own success . for the motherland's strong, for the good of society, we - both - must - struggle!?Running not only for the first I can only listen to my breath, this moment only lonely myself, can I believe that I can, when we refueling shouting, just to be able to tell

Guest Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 10:51 PM

th confession, Tian Yuqing heroic office. This picture is more interesting, with Zhao Gang's words: 'war is not vague, it can not be behind the beauty ah!' Li Yunlong Tian Yu that confession, it is a military character, simple and powerful, straight to the theme, not tweaking the state. I appreciate this way, like to follow me, do not like to pull, who do not force who is. Oh, think about yourself, I certainly will be like this with their favorite girl confession, the feelings will never be reluctant. Think of some people to get married and get married, I feel they live very sad, this life is not with their favorite people together, what is the meaning of life. Scenario 7: Li Yunlong Authentic Nike Shoes Sale generous statement, the spirit of the sword cast stone soul. At the end of the play Li Yunlong that period of impassioned statements, tell us the most precious things of our People's Liberation Men Air Max Motton 2014 Army - Sword spirit. It is the embodiment of willpower, is not afraid of suffering, not afraid of death portrayal. Even if we weapons and equipment and then low, less supplies, in the War of Resistance Against Japan, the liberation war which we have made a brilliant victory. In the modern war this spirit is more prominent, we have not experienced the war for more than 30 years, even if we now equipment and then advanced, material reserves than ever before to be rich, this Sword spirit is absolutely not Missing, that is the fundamental reason for our survival, but also our future in an unfavorable situation against foreign invaders when the magic weapon.?When the failure hit again, I chose to be strong Life can not have regret, because we can not let themselves in the memories of sad tears, always adhere to the pursuit of time. With the dream of life, carrying his own hope, I came to the Tianjin Railway Vocational and Technical College, where I will own dream to fly, their own future planting, I am waiting for its flowering, the results. I am a student of the rail transport department of iron transport, I like writing, reading, singing, speech, I am a positive and optimistic and cheerful people. When I saw the Department of Transportation singer contest and speech contest publicity, I did not hesitate to report the name, and I am very serious to prepare, so in the singer contest I passed the rematch into the final, I am very confident, Since then, every night I have to play the opera, accompanied by cold and humid atmosphere, every night to 11:30. At six o'clock in the morning I will Nike Free 6.0 get up to go to school outside the open practice lectures, when others travel in the sleep, I also a person lying on the cold computer again and again to change their own Cheap Nike Shoes ppt. Because I do not want to give up every opportunity to exercise their own. I want to succeed, so I have to work hard. People chasing the wind, young dreams, I believe that the opportunity to always leave someone ready. October 27, is an unforgettable day, that is my day of the game, but I failed, and the lowest points out, I am very sad, very disappointed, think of tomorrow's speech contest, I thought there is hope, So the dead of night, I sat in front of the cold computer, start over and over again to change ppt, see the speech, but the day is not with the people willing, October 28 afternoon, I failed, when the failure hit again, No one understands my inner pain and sorrow, I begin to give up, I want to give it all up, because there is no reason to let me stick, I have a negative idea. Faced with the failure of the dark, no one can understand my pressure. When I was ready to escape all this time, she stood out and encouraged me once and again, and told me, 'You have the courage to stand on the stage and you are already successful.' This sentence touched my heart for a long time, over and over again filled my soul. Two weeks of hard work, although I lost a lot, but I felt very fulfilling. I began to consider her every word to tell me: 'This is just a start, you will not because of this setbacks and give up their interest in it,' 'as long as you strive for their own, even if the failure do not regret it, These words in my mind over and over again and again, her figure Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes in front of me, Nike Free 5.0 I saw her heart soothing water calm, see her Chongrubujing the principle of doing things, thank you for your support and encouragement, I saw the failure The power, when the failure hit again, I chose strong. Sometimes failure can not prevent you from becoming a successful person, the key is still your idea, you put yourself in a small circle, and success and failure is an insurmountable gap. Never fail is just a myth, as long as your life has been successful, failure is not terrible. British Harold • Evans has had such a wonderful discussion: for me a person can fail in the sink, mainly depends on whether he can grasp their own failure. Everyone has experienced more or less failure, so failure is a very normal thing. If you want to be successful, you will have to fail as a ladder, in other words, success contains a failure. On the failure of the only thing I want to say is, first of all to dare to face up to failure, and


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