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they are not in their own side

Jay332843867 Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 9:50 PM

treatment of secrecy. But do not forget that the mermaid princess eventually turned into a bubble, the prince will never know that he had been so deeply loved. Philosophers have been studying for the rest of their lives, not to prove that they know more than others, their wealth is used to judge and solve the problem, the wisdom to make people happy. The same reason, love is to point a light to bring warmth, warm yourself more warm others. Like Montaigne to reveal the truth, at least you will see the smile suddenly overflowing the lips Zapatos Nike Shox of your love, maybe this moment even the world will start to smile. Love can not be monotonous, but unique creation. Creation is lonely, those who Nike Air Max 180 put the seas and all the love of the argument, but is a pious smile, a bunch of wine and beauty, so that all seekers full of enthusiasm, unexamined away. As a philosophical layman, I above the popular feeling is far from summed up the universal, eternal truth, not to mention the treatment of love ills. But I would like to quote the words of Hamlet's friend, and this vast world is not imagined by your poor philosophy. Philosophy wants to teach us, and it is all right to look at everything equally, because the real life is plural, far from what we envisioned. In love, all the philosophy and the law are only an excuse, this road obviously everyone is walking, but no one can see footprints; we see numerous wall, but turn a blind eye.?We are beggars in the face of love and happiness We are beggars in the face of love and happiness  There is such a story, the rich are always very upset, there are too many things in trouble with him, he always felt happy too far from their own, so that he can not understand the true meaning of the word ' lack. Later he met a beggar on a chair next to his own luxury hotel, and he was looking at a broken bag looking at the hotel intends to sleep. The rich asked him why he was looking at the hotel to sleep? Beggar answered him: Oh, because of UGG Botas negro this, I can dream of sleeping in a luxurious presidential suite, decent to enjoy the beautiful girl thoughtful service. The rich ask him, sleep where you will feel happy? Beggar said yes, because it was his long-awaited happiness, at least he saw the people living in the hotel are happy to death. The rich decided to fulfill the happiness of beggars, so beggars lucky to stay into the luxury hotel, began his happy journey, the next day the rich beggars you happy? Beggar replied, terrible, sleeping outside the hotel, he would dream of sleeping in the hotel, sleeping in the hotel, he even dreamed of sleeping in the street next to the chair, from that nightmare awakened The feeling is not happy, he would rather sleep in the street next to the chair, continued his dream. The rich Dr Martens Donna at a loss, he gave the beggar long-awaited happiness, why beggars or not happy? What is happiness in the end? In fact, when faced with love and happiness, we are not another beggar? I remember a friend told me that she Canada Goose envy those who married, said he was hate to marry a woman, want to find a boyfriend to form a family, cold weather, early to bed, holding him through the cold winter Night, tired of a person to live a day of life; you can also have a lovely baby, and then watch him grow up with him slowly. She longed for love, longing for happiness, jealous of those who leave the marriage. And another friend told me that she was tired of marriage, the total can Adidas Scarpe online not find the happiness she wanted, the man always like a long child, like and her quarrel, sesame big little things have to enlarge into a watermelon size , To discuss a clear, before they have endless talk about the topic, endless romance, after marriage, the day into a three-point, home - unit - vegetable market, day after day, repeat Monotonous, she began to envy those who single people, there is absolute freedom, can be capricious, you can 'those who hate people' chic say sorry goodbye. People who do not get love, envy people who get love, get love people envy people who marry, married people began to envy from the single day, people always in the pursuit of love and happiness, but life is always too much regret , As if love, happiness, sweet is always too far away from their own, they always stay in someone else's side. Is Nike Air Max Shoes Outlet it that others are lucky, only we have been abandoned by happiness? In fact, we are not happy to abandon us, but we in the subconscious to enlarge the happiness of others, always according to their own see, hear things, to fantasy other people's happiness index, like to moncler outlet sito ufficiale use the amplified 'happiness' to compare their ' Unfortunate 'so sorry, we always see their own pain, and ignore the pain of others, do not know, sometimes so painful you, but also the object of envy of others. Eyes, and ears will be deceptive, they will always lead us, let us ignore their own happiness. Love and happiness Zapatos Under Armour Curry are a process of purification, only through the constant accumulation, will slowly taste their taste, they are not in their own side, but those subtle happiness, has been ignored by their own. Cold winter night, a warm blue mountain coffee; warm aftern

Guest Saturday, August 25, 2018 at 11:45 PM

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