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the struggle and stand, will be in the contempt of the Gou live and knees. Kam blanket f

Guest Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 10:40 PM

today, so Air Jordan 9 Retro that tomorrow exposed a more bright smile, with the will to defend the youth of the vow. No longer hesitate, no longer wandering, grasp the progress of their own. All rely on their own efforts, a strong experience of wind and rain, with a successful sweat to verify youth no regrets. Life does not believe in tears, but can not be back, even if no one in front, I have to go. Authentic Men's Nike Shoes Struggle, we must give up the share of freedom, choose quiet and lonely companionship.Struggle, it is necessary to give up the fate, choose courage to self-confidence.Struggle, we must get rid of the kind of bustling, choose bitter bitterness accompanied.Life is beautiful, so that everyone can cherish every day they have, let life without regret.Struggling for the twelve reasons Chicken dance, the first cantilever, cone piercing, chisel wall steal light, then Di reading, capsule Yingying snow', these Nike Mercurial Vapor X are the story of the ancients hard work. 'Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety percent nourishing and sweat.' 'Where is genius, I'm just putting the coffee of others on the job.' It's Edison and Lu Xun Hard work of the verse. Ancient and modern, on the hard work of celebrity stories, famous warfare numerous. Why are people from ancient times so much attention to hard work - struggle? I think there are the following twelve reasons. One, in order to survive.Everyone wants to beg, all have to starve to death. On the road pit pit, the world is poor and poor. Meet the past will lose now, meet now will lose the future. Spring is not hard, autumn will be no food. People are flying, if you stagnate, that is in the big back. In the running crowd, if you are stagnant, you will be torn down, or even trampled to death. Drift, can only be rushed into the sea drowned. Water does not rot, people into the undefeated. Things are useless garbage, people are useless is walking meat. Quack side no one to see, famous doctor mountain knocked the door. Not afraid of backward, afraid of willing to backward and not aggressive. For their own survival, struggle it! Second, for the sake of responsibility.People are people of society, people living in society, to act as a lot of roles, to 'one and several positions.' For example, for a middle-aged man, in the family, both the parents of children, but also their children's parents, but also the husband's husband. Playing each role, to play every position, are responsible and obligatory requirements, some of the legal requirements, and some are moral requirements. For example, children want to honor their parents, support the elderly; parents to raise young children and so on. Not duty, either by legal sanctions, or by moral condemnation. In order to fulfill their duties, struggle! Three, for the ideal.Everyone has an ideal, but the ideal size is different. Ideal is only Air Jordan 5 a yearning for the future, but longing for a good vision. People can not be no ideal, if not ideal, just like the boat lost the sculls, in the long river of life can only wander with the storm. However, people can not only live in the ideal, if only a good ideal, and not hard work hard, that ideal will only be ideal, will never become a reality, only into a fantasy. In order to achieve a better ideal, struggle! Four, in order to succeed.Only to go straight way is also not climb on the mountains, only with the flow will never become outstanding. Genius is the result of love and diligence. Only experts Air Max Shoes can become experts. Only challenge difficulties in order to overcome the difficulties; only challenge the authority to become authority. Money is not picked up by the honor is not to rely on to come. Self-earned points also worthy of pride, inheritance million is not worth showing off. Walk the same distance of the road, uphill is hard, but it can stand high to see far. Uphill struggling backgammon, downhill effort to step down. Beauty in the mountains, springs in the mountains. Alpine treasure belongs to those who dare to climb the people, deep possession of only those who dare to dig people. Success is the fruit of the tree of struggle, struggle is the bridge to success. Only investment can be profitable, only hard to win. Convincing is evidence that people admit that achievements. Struggle is not necessarily successful, but not struggle will not succeed. Not a decade of cold windows, there is no fame. In order to achieve great success, struggle! Five, for dignity.In the high people look high, low in the low people look low. Underestimate only because of their small, low to see because of their low Do not want people Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes to look low, you must become tall; do not want to make a small look, you must become strong. This is the best answer given to those who despise themselves. It is the most skeptical person who regards others as a leader. Do not despise in the struggle and stand, will be in the contempt of the Gou live and knees. Kam blanket floor no man spit, rotten brick shop people chaos saliva. Sputum spit, dirty. Heavy material lift, people heavy people move. Things are not used to leave, no one to ignore. The state speaks by strength, who speaks by ability. To


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