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sorry i dont know

Jay332843867 Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 2:42 AM

g up from iTunes Data Cable Connect iTunes to synchronize your private data Or from iCloud backup Connect your iPhone 5S to WiFi, log in to your Apple ID, sync your private data. 1. take a quick picture IPhone 5S camera and camera App have some small innovation, in the lower right corner of the lock screen has a camera icon, open the camera App. If you are anxious to take pictures, the volume button on the left side of the fuselage can also be used as a shutter button, so just take the shutter button or the volume button to take 10 photos per second. Take a series of photos you can choose their favorite. 2. Take advantage of the free iWork App 5S brought a series Zapatos Nike Shox of free office App including Pages, Numbers, Keynote, to get free iWork program, open the App Store, a single download these App, in the past have got 10 dollars a, now free to enjoy it. 3. Take a slow video 'Slow motion' video capture is a major feature of camera function, into the Camera App, slide twice to the right into the 'slow motion' shooting mode. Click on the bottom of the video thumbnail, in the 'camera film' below can be free to drag the timeline to determine the slow start and end of the time point, which you can shoot things to create a dramatic effect, if the beach shot spray impact Or the effect of pouring action will be particularly evident. 4. The use of co-motion processor Apple has made great efforts to develop M7 Association motion processor accused of tracking your many activities, we know that many App will use this performance. But now the existing App includes moncler outlet sito ufficiale the following: Strava Run, Argus, Weather Run, Pedometer ++, and the latest M7 Pedometer - Steps. 5. Use Siri The Siri improved, there are some worthy of your use of the function, do not have to press the Home button to enter Siri. To set - generic - siri, turn on Siri. Even if Siri's 'that' pronunciation makes you uncomfortable, there are three other countries of the Zapatos Under Armour Curry 3 English pronunciation for you to choose. You can also tell Siri to turn on or turn off WiFi settings, or ask it to update a message to FaceBook. 6. Use Apple Map Navigation Apple Map App also made a great upgrade, the sun sets the new night mode will automatically open, use the 3D icon to switch Nike Air Max Shoes to bird's eye view mode, and use two fingers tilt the rotation view. Once you reach a specific location, you can navigate to another location with the quick path button next to the location name. Geographic location can canada goose outlet also be shared via AirDrop, Mail, Messages, and social media. 7. Add more expressions to the message If you are happy, you can add emoticons to set up - universal - keyboard - international keyboard, choose to add a new keyboard, Nike Air Max Lunar select the emoticons option, and so on when you send the message, you will see the lower left corner of the earth small icon, open inside there A variety of expression items. (Lei Feng net; Zongren)What is the kind of experience? The emperor on the battlefield may not have to ride, it may be the car to go The history of this behavior is very long, but the word 'imperial drive' is rarely seen in the orthodox historical records. Over the history books, only the Song Dynasty, 'Jian Yan since the year to record' and 'Three North Korea Compass' referred to the word. Moreover, the emperor himself will not say 'I want UGG Botas negro to drive Nike Scarpe the expedition,' this is the case, the edict will not write so The most common expression in the history books is 'pro ...' or 'since ...', such as 'Historical Records of the emperor of the discipline' in the 'October, Yan Wang Zang Tu against, attack on behalf of the land. Hit the king of Zang tea. 'And' Ming Shi Ming Wu Zong this discipline 'in the' Ding Wei, the governor of the military, war five days. ' The word was carried forward, have to wait until the Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasties issued a large number of civil works published. Like what the 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms', 'Gods of Romance', 'Sui and Tang Dynasties', 'Yang will be the Romance', have an excitement to save people out of dry battle, oh no, Why is it that the word can be wicked? About the city streets, ordinary people for the emperor, the war has a great curiosity and rich imagination, and 'Royal drive pro fare' of the word, high-end atmosphere on the grade, just to meet the people's psychology. There is a problem you must be interested: the emperor on the battlefield, Blauer Nuovo in the end how to go? Ordinarily the march of war, of course, should be riding, but the emperor of the dragon if the dragon to let the horse to the bad, If you do not listen to knock, If not sit on the ground and was riding a few feet on the horse, we supposed to? 'Royal drive expedition' gave us an explanation: the emperor on the battlefield may be the car to go, if necessary, riding. 'Drive' the meaning of the word refers to the car ride. Emperor multiplied by the five cars by five known as the ??, which is specially used in the military affairs of the military, such as parade, exercises and the like, of course, belong to this marriage. But the car itself is slow and heavy, completely unfavorable march, the main should be used in the ex


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