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Guest Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 10:39 PM

continue to stick to it, want Nike Free 5.0 V4 to give up, and more want to stay away from! Why is not a gust of wind, blowing like: why not a rain, after sunny day: why not the air, at least will be needed: why just an unknown person? A self-reliant person in a complex society ... the reality is really real. The reality of the inability to expect what! What's falling? Get up and go on. What happened? Touching the pain or laughing to face. How are you tired? Inability to bear what? The same no one with their own share! Do not say that I am as fragile as a glass bottle, do not underestimate me, people who do not experience will not understand! When you are on the ground may not be stronger than me. And then strong people will have the emotional collapse of the outbreak of the day, crying, just because the strong too long too long! Public dare Authentic Women's Nike Shoes I dare to laugh, I really love! Strong behind, who can understand? Just want to quietly arrived at the extreme, really want to give up, give up, give up the world, into a gust of wind. A drop of water. But no courage to give up everything, there are too many sad, too much unwilling ... life is still going on, life is still continuing, the future is still waving, the days have to continue! Now I live very calm, two straight lines of life, nine to five work, although the income in general, although I have not yet found the direction, but I really want to fly in a broader sky to live a real self The [Family of love, let me in every injury after a strong drop down! To In every person's life there are two people who are closest to us who love us, from small to large They are growing up at all times, even when we do not understand them. Do not pay for their love for you, fate to me is not thin, give me such a parent, I can do is good to honor them. In fact, in my heart always feel that owes them too much Le, I all immersed in his own world inside the sad, I always feel that they are unfortunate, did not take the time to care about their families, but I do not want you! Now I have this disease, silly me, these years let you bear too much, sorry. Remember that once, I think life is no meaning, I thought of the end, I think this world no one nostalgia me, no one in love with me, I did the first thing with his father told me, that day I made a SMS to the father. Force Ones 30th Womens I clearly remember my father heard this quickly came to my front, enlighten me, comfort me! Dad said ?? if one day I lost the ability to work ?? can not eat their own ?? he will keep my Nike Air Max Shoes Sale life. When I heard this sentence, I was moved to speechless, touched my life moments ?? large stars large tears from the corner of the eye rolled down ?? I really read the meaning of the word father, I kneel The ground burst into tears, the first time I feel this world there are people in love with me, is the family's love with i i spent every moment of loss. Thank you for everything for me. I will be a good refueling, I understand how happy my life road will be, even in this process will suffer much suffering setbacks, I do not go to fear, because my life is for you to me, I will never forget You upbringing the grace! I told myself 'no matter what will happen afterwards.Whether you will not be happy, but you can not let the family worry! If there really is one day I have no ability to work, I can not let them go for me Because this life owes you too much!?Hi, tomorrow Tomorrow, close at hand, but also far away in the horizon. Because life is full of variables, so, in the world, tomorrow Air Max Shoes on Sale is always a mystery, is unknown. Time is never for anyone to stay, no matter today you are the spring breeze, or underappreciated; no matter today you are smooth sailing, or difficult; regardless of today you are free, or bound by shackles; regardless of today you are rich side, or nothing , Tomorrow, on the road, is coming to us. No matter what the trip and the outcome of tomorrow is, tomorrow will always be the expectation and bet of everyone. In the eyes of those who yearn for tomorrow, tomorrow is the continuation of today, is today's breakthrough, is today's transcendence. Thousands of miles begins with a Air Jordan 9 single step, tomorrow is dull or out of color, is success or failure, depends on your choice and action today. If you bloom, breeze. If you pay, there must be harvest. Life tea, the goods only know the joys and sorrows; life path, through the depth of knowledge, for tomorrow, always someone happy some people worry. Decadent, will make happiness quietly away; degenerate, will make a good stop. Success and failure, but one step away, the same situation, not the same face and disposal, and finally there will be different tomorrow and the end. Do not have to envy others car BMW, carved jade puzzle, do not have to pursue Hua Sang Li decorated, Qiong Lin banquet, in the hustle and bustle to find a quiet, in the hardships hold a calm, in the disturbance left a sober, in the plain Pregnant with an elegant, in the pyrotechnic red good self-cultivation, business life, as long as worthy of youth, worthy of fleeting life, your life all the spring and summer autumn and winter will be the most b


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