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nd practical efforts to avoid such things h

Jay332843867 Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 2:43 AM

ut it is subject to the background of the street map, as well as the ground commercial team. The two would have been open, but the WeChat now seems to use their own team to do, which is facing the public comment, Taobao, Lynx and other local life class service challenges. If the background construction is weak, there may be WeChat to cultivate the habit of street scanning, but Gaude, Ali or other businesses with more accurate service 'robbery and (hu)' possible. From this idea can Nike Air Max Hyper also be seen, WeChat and public platform for the future development will become increasingly independent. Public platform as a business and media background, providing CRM, service customization and customer communication services, WeChat as an entrance to use these services. WeChat from the official update log can also be seen, the public platform upgrade is not included in the WeChat their own log. In addition, despite the WeChat as much as possible to maintain their own lightweight, but the gradual increase in the function will inevitably bring the operation of the complex. Shake the sweep from the previous search, increase to the present search song, search video; sweep away from the previous sweep only two-dimensional code, increased to the current sweep bar code, cover, street, translation; user's operation and selection time In the increase. This trend continues, although the volume does not expand, the user will be lost in the function of the sea. This is the early operation of the WeChat, the user does not need to choose the logic is also contrary to the. Therefore, while increasing the function at the same time, WeChat may also need to do subtraction in time, put more features into the background, with the algorithm to solve the user's choice of cost. Or sweep sweep as an example, in fact, the technology should be able to remove all the options, the program automatically determine the results according to the scan is a two-dimensional code, bar code or street, words, and then give the corresponding results; shake also can Do the essence of this function, but need to use the scene to do more intelligent judgments. This is not technically impossible. In the increasingly powerful, increasingly occupied people moving space, how to reasonably shrink their own, may be the WeChat began to consider the issue. (Tiger sniffing network; Yang Miao) Micro letter, promising!?WeChat 5.0 to die from the media June 5, Tencent WeChat product director Zeng Ming today and the media communication, the first public interpretation of micro-public platform positioning and development issues. Which is very clear to oppose the marketing Zapatos Under Armour Curry of the talk, and said the next step to start the proliferation of WeChat message push in the end of the WeChat can do what the problem, Zeng Ming put forward three: 'interactive communication, user management, service custom.' This argument actually verifies my long view, WeChat push is not the core value, the core value is automatically reply. Today, WeChat released a 5.0 test package, made a very significant Nike Scarpe adjustment. We do not discuss sweep and shake the big function upgrade, just talk about the WeChat 5.0 major changes. WeChat public platform in 5.0 is divided into business and subscription number two, business number only allowed to send a message every month, and Nike Air Max Shoes Outlet subscription number can still send a message a day, but all the subscription number of the message will be saved in this Colors of California Scarpe one, In other words, all the contents of the push from the media into a two-level page. This Zapatos Nike Shox practice is too painful, and to know in accordance with the general law, the first page to the second page in the site there will be an order of magnitude of traffic decline, and in the WeChat, at least will reduce the opening rate of more than 50% Field 10% -30% of the opening rate, is a desperate news, almost sing the song from the media song. From this point of view, WeChat from the media push the current content will be greatly lost value, and can repeatedly read the depth of the industry will begin to gradually rise content. This will greatly affect the value of technology from the media, because the characteristics piumini moncler outlet of this type of media is fast, but you quickly out, no one to see, it is not wasted it? Technology content is fast reading as long as a week, almost Worthless. And some professional areas, such as collection areas, food fields, health care and other directions of the classic posts, I am afraid that because of the collection function and friends circle sharing function, get canada goose store the greatest degree of retention and dissemination. Tencent so operation, is undoubtedly learned Sina microblogging large money, the platform to lose money UGG Guantes rosado lessons, and practical efforts to avoid such things happen, as much as possible weaken the impact of media attributes. In the enterprise services, it is still to crm customer management and automatic response to reduce the risk of disturbing the user. And only the major enterprises, what the site are connected, have a greater business opportunities, as Taobao, as deep into the real economy and even the fundamental


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