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ent, and he replied, 'It's a fate on the ground that threw it into the ground.' The professor apparently was not satisfied with his answer The Professor and in front of everyone's face in the piece of paper on a few feet, the paper printed on the professor covered with dust and dirt footprints, and then, the professor asked the students to answer this paper there are several fate. This paper is really turned into waste paper, what is the use of it? 'The classmate said dejected. The professor did not speak, picked up the piece of paper, torn it in half and threw it on the ground, and then calmly asked the classmate to answer the same question again. We were confused by the professor's move, do not know what he said in the end? The classmate was confused, and he replied with a red face: 'This is purely a waste paper.' Professor quietly picked up the paper twisted in half, and soon, in the above painted a Pentium of the Nike Free 5.0+ horse, and Nike Shox Roadster 12 just under the footsteps just right to become the horseshoe under the wilderness. Horse is full of fortitude, firmness and tension, people full of reverie. Finally, the professor raised the painting to ask the classmate: 'Now please answer, what is the fate of this paper?The face of the classmate was clear, and said, 'You give hope to a waste paper and make it worth it.' The professor's face showed a smile. Soon, he took out the lighter, lit the picture, blink of an eye, this paper into an ashes. Finally, the professor said: 'We all see it, at first and inconspicuous piece of paper, we look at it with a negative attitude, it will make it worthless.We make the paper suffer more doom If we give up hope to make it completely destroyed, it is clear that it simply can not have any beauty and value, but if we treat it with a positive attitude, give it some hope and strength, The piece of paper is so, and the same is true.A piece of paper can be turned into waste paper on the ground, we step on to step on, you can also write a painting, but also can be folded into paper airplane, fly very high, let us look.A piece of paper still have a variety of fate, not to mention us? Destiny is like a palm print, but no matter how it changes, always in our own hands. Let us to master their own destiny, do not let others interfere with the temptation, do not let fame and fortune, to overthrow our long aging forest of this wine! In the journey of life, we will inevitably encounter how much joy and sorrow, how sweet Women Air Max Motton 2014 and bitter, how much success and frustration. Perhaps we have been crazy for this, for this frustrated, this sigh. But in this crazy, frustrated, sigh after you choose to catch up, or Authentic Nike Shoes will be vulnerable to it?We have too many difficulties and hardships in our lives, and they are terrible. But at the same time there is a word will inspire us to face them: do not know more difficult to solve the difficult method more?There will be too much success and joy in my life, and it will be a joy, but there is also a saying that we should not indulge in joy and should continue to work. To master their own destiny, maybe you try not necessarily successful, if not try will never succeed. People have a lot of twists and turns in their lives, ups and downs. This life is gusto. If you are in the Hunhunee over life, then you come to this trip to white. Because twists and turns, ups and downs is to test Cheap Nike Shoes Online their own questions. You have the fate, perseverance, you will overcome it. Give up, you become its slave.Dripping enough to wear stone. Every day of your efforts, even if only a little trick, perseverance, will be the basis for tomorrow's success. All the efforts, all bit by bit hard work, in the time of the hourglass dripping, the extraction of the results will be resounding, everyone envy of the 'success of the fruit.'Life is a no end of the road, do not stay lover dream, the fate of master in their own hands, Nike Air Max Shoes Sale difficult journey ahead of life, will be full of hope and success!The justness of fate Fate always love to joke with me, but I finally found that it is actually fair. When I was in the fifth grade, I learned to cook and liked to finish my homework in front of my mother. Although my mother did not let me, I still insisted and unreasonably argued: 'The teacher said that he would cook Is a good boy! And smell a smell of rice will make people smart! 'Mom every time helpless smile, I am very proud.Did not enjoy the fun of cooking enough, but there was one thing, caused me a trauma. When the busy time, my parents go out early to work, and only my brother and my family at home. One morning, I came to the kitchen ready to cook, see the coal stove stood a pot of pot of water, the thought of it to get down smoothly, did not expect too heavy, I did not grasp a hand , The whole pot of water like a waterfall washed my legs, I suddenly frightened, so a while came to react, and then piercing to call up, neighbors heard the call quickly ran over, looking at my red double Legs, hurriedly ran to my mother, next to the doctor immediately with ice to apply to me, and ready to fight anti-inflammatory needle water. I am the first time I feel f

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