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ear, I am afraid that he can not dance with a small partner after the leather band, and that is my favorite activities. Mother rush to rush home, distressed look at my legs, gently sighed: 'Do not you do, stay at home, you can not let me!' I could not speak, my first time See mom so anxious. Fortunately, the water has not opened, I am not very serious hot, the doctor said after a week will be good. My mother for me to the teacher took a fake, I was at home with a dangle, just began to feel his legs burning hot, slowly bitter pain, tears can not help out flow. In order to distract my attention, my mother took out my number of books, said to me: 'You look at the book, looked no pain!' Since the last race did not get the prize, I put it thrown Side, did not care about it. Since the mother said this, I obediently took the book, quietly watching. The number of questions is very flexible, to turn a lot of bends, so I must be very focused to think about those issues, the attention slowly transferred to the book, feeling less pain, so that the back of my mother to help me painted camellia oil, medicine to help me Itchy, I did not pay attention. After a week of suffering, I regain confidence in mathematics. Back to school, the teacher and the classmates of care let me feel warm. Although the lack of a number of classes, my math scores do not fall back, after several exams I got a full score, and has maintained his own mathematical advantage. Looking at the examination of the hook, I am happy to cry, gently touch the leg of the road scars, I silently grateful to it ignited my morale. Junior high school first grade, my parents went to the kiln shipments, on the way back in a motorcycle out of control hit my dad's car, the driver was seriously injured, although this is not my dad's mistakes, but because the township road, line planning is not Standard, and no monitor, father to take responsibility. At that time I was anxiously waiting for Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Mens my parents back home, but received a quick call, my mother let me call neighbors to listen to the phone, I overheard their dialogue, scared silly, traffic accident means to pay a lot of money, Parents how to do, I grew more and more afraid. Mom and Dad dragged his tired body late at night, I saw the curtains across the curtains of their red eyes, worried endless.Those days, parents want to run around, to see the injured, to the traffic police, to relatives to borrow money, no one at home business care. My mother told me to come back after school in the shop doing homework look at the goods, encountered unfamiliar guests do not credit to him, do not know the price do not sell. In order to sell a little more things, I took a small book, the price of the goods down, when the get out of class out to see, shop front speed to see it again, before going to bed again, a few days down to remember. But remember the price is easy to remember the customer is difficult, those uncle and aunt looks almost, just remember not easy to remember. I will try to identify from their hairstyle, dress, open Air Jordan 8 motorcycle style, voice of speech. Soon, I can on the road to recognize them, politely greeted them, they are boast of my sensible, often come to my shop to buy things. For some time down, my memory is getting better and better, more and more ability to identify, in front of adults are more calm and calm. Mom and Dad finished that matter, told me to play uncle home. Uncle home near a large factory, mainly to do clothing business, I just ran there to visit, once there is close to the assistant assistant notice, I confidently went to the manager's office to interview, she smiled and touched my Head, said: 'You are still small, can not do this live!' I said loudly: 'I can! You give me two days to try, no words then catch me!' Manager beat me, reluctantly agreed down. The next day, I attended the meeting with the manager, quickly recorded the important content, and the customer's information carefully read it again, well completed the task assigned to me. I heard the manager praised Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes me, think of that flying accident, I am feeling endless. It gave my family a lot of damage, gave me the opportunity to exercise, without it, maybe I was just a ignorant child. When the college entrance examination, full of heavy expectations of my big loss, fell to the bottom. I was disheartened, to hear the students around have made quite good results, I sadly ripped off the phone Air Jordan 11 Retro line, crying in the room for more than two hours, sad, helpless shrouded me. My parents with their warm hands to rescue me from despair, encourage me, support me. I wiped my tears in the trembling, spit all my Cheap Nike Shoes Sale grief on the grid, with black ink to tell my desolate, with unscrupulous fonts to express my feelings, and Authentic Nike Shoes then use the keyboard freeze in the document, into the submission mailbox. Did not expect, every two days on the published my article, my interpretation of the college entrance examination, the examination of the candidates have been approved by the editor, she also sent me anger to cheer. At that time I was like in the unfathomable wells to see a trace of ligh


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