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cle of the body, depression, family disputes, usually also listless, lear

Guest Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 10:38 PM

study, and then the bad school can be a talent. Although it is wrong, but it is clear that Authentic Kids Nike Shoes he ignored the importance of a school for students . When the school is studying, the environment corrodes my mind. To So I can only choose rural middle school, into a no threshold, as long as the money can afford to pay three or four hundred dollars can attend. Secondary school also has a good memory, but it seems that bad memories are more. I think it is important for a student to choose a good school. I think it is important for a student to meet a good schoolmaster. I think it is too important for a student to meet a good teacher. That did not let me meet. In the school where I was, I felt that the teachers who were now in order to improve the school's enrollment rate could disregard the future of the students and their studies, and that the school did not have everything For all students, for all the students! In an inexplicable class shift test, I was still more satisfied with the results Nike Air Max Shoes Sale of the exam, but was divided into the worst class considered to be recognized by the school, and one of my classmates was worse than me In a good class, I am puzzling. I am not satisfied with this distribution, but helpless, can only accept, so helpless stay in the poor class. This class did not have to say, Nike Air Max 95-360 Mens is simply no organization without discipline, learning bad, tired of learning heavy. Teachers are not patient (to teach our English teacher is the canteens boss, often early withdrawal of fast food .) the number of late and more . I am quick to Air Max Shoes on Sale collapse this kind of learning atmosphere . At first I still have the Air Jordan 7 heart to learn to understand the importance of learning, but over time, but no academic achievement . perhaps in this class to Air Max 2009 be too long to be assimilated it! ??At that time, I was dejected. To Unfortunately, in this wrong school encountered the wrong people, secondary school dormitory is a bullying people always bully us, as to how bullying, I will not say. I remember that once he was injured, I called my father, I cried and shouted, 'I am a school for it, I promise to seriously study, or do not let me read' I know that he was under the How much determination I am serious about. But my words did not get my father's support, he did not listen to my words. At that time, I was very heavy mood, I complained about his father, complaining that he did not attach importance to my study, I lost the power of learning, since then I began to rebellion . Fallen. Once abandoned school, no mind school. The bed was accidental. To One day, I lay my bed on the top of the shop, the dormitory and a roommate in the top of the play and running, then I just stood up and stack the quilt, they ran over, should be accidentally I pushed down from the back, my whole person from the two-meter-high bed fell down, head first to the ground, hazy, a burst of pain, I heard that was dizzy at the time, when the back of the head swollen piece, after people There was an exception, the initial mouth involuntarily open, the middle of the hands and feet jitter, constantly pumping plot, and later frequent attack, interval of a few minutes to attack once, and even each time to sit down to stand up and attack, walking are difficult, also There was someone to arm ... That moment is like the end of the world. When I went to the hospital to do brainwave examination, when I took the report when the time, check the results of 'straightness, epilepsy,' that moment I panic, then I do not know how to read that epilepsy, but a look A kind of ominous premonition, when I was placed in the hospital health epilepsy small card to see such words 'Please establish the confidence of the patient to overcome the disease, do not give up on themselves,' I do not tell you, when I was scared, I feel like The loss of incurable disease. When the doctor let me know what epilepsy, tell me how to cure, how long the time to cure, give me drug treatment, became the drug jar, was like a thunderbolt split to the general, I simply can not tell How sad, how frightened, how many helpless . when I know that because of brain trauma caused by epilepsy, I was mad, I hate that person, how I want to rush to mad pause???? I'm not a neuropathy! To How many times before the gaffe, how many times by others with a strange look to their own, how many times were surrounded by laughing . that time I hate sports lessons, and others are playing together in groups, and I was A man wandering in all corners of the campus. I am obscure, no one pay attention to my existence, I was superfluous . do not know where I was from, did not dare to look up. Deep helplessness tortured me, when I face all this inner how Fear, no one knows. You can understand a person kneeling on the ground, the students want to armare not willing to up the despair it? Can you imagine a picture of a person's tears every day? The heart of the pain is so violent, the vicious cycle of the body, depression, family disputes, usually also listless, learning for various reasons unsatisfactory, when I know the test results test poor, the mood lost to the extreme,


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