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Jay332843867 Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 2:40 AM

ook know pedantic also as ' To remember, otherwise, how to pass the exam to Ben bright future? At this point I think, we in the pursuit of knowledge in the process, repeat the predecessors of the conclusions are often much more than their own thinking. And not their own thinking, it is difficult to create new. When his son graduated from elementary school, he was able to skillfully use the computer and microfilm system in the library to find all the text and image information he needed. One day, we both argued for the lion and leopard feeding piumini moncler outlet habits. The next day, he borrowed from the library by the National Geographic Society of the introduction of this animal UGG Botas negro video, took me while watching, while discussing. The child faces what he does not know, and knows where to find the answer. The son of the change prompted me to go back to the American primary education. I found that American elementary schools did not have a lot of knowledge of the children in the classroom, but they tried to bring their children to the extravagant knowledge of Zapatos Under Armour Curry the ocean, they want the children to know that all the time and space of life They are learning the class; they do not let the children go to rote a lot of formulas and theorems. But they are painstakingly tell the child how to think about the problem, teach the children to face the strange field to find the answer to the method; they never use the exam to divide students into 369, etc., but make every effort to affirm the children all efforts Nike Air Max Terra Ninety to praise The children themselves think about all the conclusions, to protect and inspire the children all the creative desire and try. Once, I asked my son 's teacher, 'How do you not let the child remember something important? The teacher said with a smile: 'There are two things that are more important than the rote: one is that he wants to know where to find what much more knowledge he needs than he can remember; Is his ability to use this knowledge for new creation, and it is my opinion that he will not let a person be knowledgeable and will not make a person smart. I can not help but think of one of my good friends and one of my conversations. He studied astronomy, from the first day of the American University Institute, to a full five years to win a doctorate, he has been with excellent grades to enjoy the Department of the Department of the rich scholarship. He said to me: 'I find it very strange, if the academic performance with the class to take scholarships, the Americans are often not the Chinese opponents, but one to the field of practice, engage in research topics, Chinese students are often no American students so Clever, so creative. ' I think his feelings may be the difference between the two different basic education systems. Chinese people are too accustomed to in a designated box to travel fist, and once the loss of the conventional reference to many Chinese people may often feel is not free, but panic and loss. I often think of China's primary education, think of those in the classroom behind the hands Canada Goose Italia of the children sitting straight, think of those heavy courses, a lot of homework, strict examination ... ... it makes people feel a sacred and majestic at the same time, People feel great repression and restraint, but how many generations are obedient to its will, as a way to change the fate of the way. This is a continuation of culture, Colors of California Scarpe it may have its own glory, but the face of the need for everyone to play a creative information society, the face of tomorrow's world, how should we examine this gave birth to our own civilization? (WeChat public 'Phoenix Finance'; high steel Renmin University of China School of Journalism)?When the earth accelerates to the speed of light or near the speed of light ... Such as title. What will happen? Short answer: nothing will happen because 'no time' to happen. First of all, the earth this quality of things, it is impossible in the normal universe to reach the speed of light, but close to the speed of light is not impossible. But of course need a very large energy, then when it is 'a group of evil aliens', they have the ability to play this interstellar golf Zapatos Nike Shox it. Near light speed travel At the speed of light, time will stop. We make an analogy. If there is a spacecraft traveling at a speed of light from our 5-year-old galaxy, we will feel a bunch of light on Earth for 5 years to reach the destination. And the people on the spacecraft, at the moment of departure, arrived at the destination. For them, time did not pass by, they were not old. Similarly, at near-speed travel, the time will pass slowly. Travel with the near light speed for tens of millions of years, Nike Nike Scarpe Air Max Shoes the traveler may pass the time even a second did not. For a low speed of the earth, people who eat hot pot singing may never eat the next one, because time from the 'near stop.' Things that happen on earth are very, very slow, just as they are frozen. Acceleration / deceleration Of course, in reaching the near-speed even if it is 0.99999c before the acceleration in the process, what happens After the speed of light travel, slow down the time,

Guest Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at 5:15 AM

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