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be able to make the desire

Jay332843867 Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 9:50 PM

a variety of psychological and psychological comfort, including love this universal disease. Here only talk about their own association, if you want to get the treatment, do not stand on a higher level is not feel the effect of the existence. Your love is not common sense Socrates in the eyes of the world is a disobedient madman, because he destroyed a called 'common sense' of the rules. Whether or not dare to admit that this era of love choice is difficult to avoid the trap of common sense. As Deborough summed up, common sense that Zapatos Nike Shox the possession of property and power is happiness, because most people are so to see, do not see it is not to be seen. After all, we are afraid of being rejected and despised by most people. So the choice of people have a tendency to love: men choose simple, no talented woman to do his wife, choose beautiful, smart woman to do confidante; women choose handsome, romantic juvenile love, choose excellent, stable white collar when the canada goose outlet husband The This choice is only for the nature of human nature, is to be widely recognized and liked by the secular, is to be like to choose the habit of lazy spirit. The use of common sense in love is undoubtedly stupid. Choose the world like you, but ignored your own unique love; your love story, is the choice of others than their own judgment is more important? Once so, does it mean that your love will become everyone's love? Do not take love as a stock Deborough chose Nike Air Max 87 / 1 Epicureon's happy starting point to analyze the way of happiness: to distinguish between nature and necessity, happiness Nike Scarpe is not the desire to achieve and desire itself. Love sublimation of happiness and stock appreciation of happiness is very different. When investing in stocks, everyone appreciates a blue chip that is not a junk stock, but the trade-offs of desire dominate do not apply to love at all, and it relies on a spiritual attitude rather than a Nuggets rule. For love, the natural and necessary is sincere, free, tolerant rather than preoccupied or opportunistic. Fried stocks may bring luxury, gluttonous, but love is nothing but natural and unnecessary; may bring fame and power, but these two words in the love dictionary completely unnatural is not necessary. Fried stocks and love are so that we are anxious, let us feel adventure. The biggest difference between them is that we are thirsty in love, but a strong wind and waves in a pair of support hands rather than rich and powerful, gold and silver treasures. If you doubt the future of your love, may wish to follow the etymology of Epicurus to explore the next, greet the anxiety to go more firmly into love, I believe that love for your choice, so that 'bad things' bad in the end. Love is not a stock, gamble finished piumini moncler outlet online even if the wound tired, tired exhausted at least your heart will Under Armour Curry 3 not be nothing, there is a story forever in your heart; and the stock left you only a pair of eyes: snobbery and lack of eyes. Do not take yourself as a mouse Senegal said that people are prepared to set the most frustrating, can not predict the setbacks of the most serious harm to us. Deborough points out that the frustration of this frustration is due to the overly idealized optimism. Does this mean that we have to face the pessimistic, desperate, escape attitude to face love? My answer is not to put yourself as a mouse, otherwise you will be eaten by the cat A person can hold a skeptical attitude to believe that the tragedy may not be a bad thing. But things are UGG Orejeras rojo far from what you want so good, of course, not so bad. You do not have to take a pair of idiots forever illusion of the eyes of each lover as a micro service to your life God, you are not enjoying grace; but also do not have to worry in the feelings of playing a timid always afraid of the role. The great leader of education we 'will struggle to have sacrifice'; mother told us at the dinner table, would like to drink soup do not be afraid of being burned. Love, not get is learned. If you are really paying for the return, then even if it is bankrupt and how? You can improve the soul, how can the body of things as Sheng's vase? Also please do not read this misrepresentation forward, the real clever attitude of Deborough has long been summarized, I want to have all this, but I keep Nike Air Max Shoes them away, do not expect so easy. You are not a mermaid princess A few people can reveal the Colors of California Scarpe mantra like Montaigne: 'Everything that can happen to people is not inhumane.' Deborough also does not deny the existence of the existence of defects, he believes that defects will bring pain can also bring comfort. But the best way to deal with defects is definitely not in the heart, but openly say it. 'Love the Peach Blossom Spring' type of love, of course, beautiful, silence of love may be able to make the desire to love the heart to learn poetic dwelling, leaving more blossoming singular, touching story. But I believe that most people are more willing to love the melancholy temperament is a kind of faith in the decoration, and do not want to really lost. Not recognized by the other side of love is very humble, you regard it as a defective

Dan12j Saturday, December 23, 2017 at 5:27 PM

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