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her's clothes that is not fun here, to go home The The mother gave him a sugar, he obediently sat there, and sometimes can help the mother to do some simple envelope work. Come back at night to cook and my father to eat, to help his father take a bath, coax his father to Women Air Max 90 sleep, every day he sleep late. Silly father is very naughty, wanted to play, and always trouble, so that the family is not rich is even worse. But the mother did not complain, every day to take care of his father, like a child to take care of me, the mother is the world's favorite Mens Air Jordan father is the only care of his father, if the mother is gone, the world did not care about the father of the people. Mother followed his father over twenty years of hardships, never issued a complaint, she loves his father, even if the father has nothing, but also deadly, willing. She loves me, if the father's love is a flame, then the mother's love is the sun, warm, soft. Mother's voice is always so gentle, she does not like to mess with people, do not like to quarrel with people, she likes flat, simple, so when the forest family violations of my bamboo forest, want to take part at the junction, the mother fight Life also stopped his father, let him go to Lin family, she said: more than one thing less, we do not lack that little place, you can not go! In fact, she was afraid of his father being bullied, poverty will be beaten, this sentence is not unreasonable. Father had urine stones, the pain of the dead alive, finished surgery that a few days, the mother kept his father three days and three nights inseparable, every day in tears, that his father will not be good, and finally found himself to worry Authentic Nike Air Max Shoes about, Father jokes about her, a simple surgery, not cancer. Two silly father always stick me, want me to teach him a variety of children to play the game, I am really impatient, small time you never let me play with other children, I have been eighteen years old, How can I play that naive game, and I have a silly father, that is how lost face of a thing, I dodged him, far away from him, he can only silly smile, to find Those wild kids play. I remember one time, Lin people in a hurry to hold a broken jar to find the door, pulled his throat shouting: This is the fifth time, you can not control your home fool, do not stop losing firecrackers to my house, Da, how much is this jar you know? When she speaks, the word fool is particularly heavy, listening to irony. The mother did not lose, she had to deal with this complaint too much, but never scolded his father, his father is exposed every time a pair of delicate and grievous expression, pulling the mother's hand whispered: they are bad guys I do not like them anymore. Nike Womens Running Shoes Every time this time, I was far away, for fear that others know that I was the fool's son, in fact, since the father out of Nike Womens Heels Shoes the accident, the village people know that I was his son, I do not know their own hide What, but I just want to hide. He always give me trouble, let me no face, I do not like his father, but do not like to become silly after the father. The more I hate, silly father seems to like me more. And later simply every day at the school gate waiting for me to school, like Buy Size 14 15 16 Mens Shoes online a child like stick me, spoiled me, that I am not at home he was sad, he wanted to see me every day.See the Qin opera, read the mother of love I like the Qin cavity, starting from the childhood. At that time, the rural economy is still very backward, many farmers had a very busy day. However, the poor rural people have a spiritual pursuit of life and longing for the year in the red fire to sing the village play, the Spring Festival will be the opera team singing opera is essential in the year. Every time the old or the spring will be, the stage of a ride, drums gong sound, the big horn will have or excited or soothing or grief or cheerful big Qin cavity roar, lingering in the village, echoed in the streets, stirring from the farmer The hope and longing. Flowing in the village of Qin flavor, I monasteries accept the influence of nature and naturally like the Qin opera. Big speakers playing in the Qin or play in front of the stage, as long as the actors introduced and bright voice, my heart on a burst of excitement, admiration and envy will be arises spontaneously. Every game, whether it is the opera or martial arts I will not miss, will be erected ears word carefully listen to his eyes open a look carefully look, and then quietly mind. For a long time, some of the lyrics Cheap Nike Shoes Sale Authentic Nike Shoes Sale and the tone of the song and I was thoroughly cooked in the heart, Wu Zuwen scholar's posture also gradually engraved in the brain, and sometimes even feel that they have learned to sing with a want to stage the show impulse. But because of family poverty and powerless and ugly reason, I can not get the villagers troupe's favor is difficult to flourish, and later because of an actor in Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes the village before the show suddenly out of the accident, no way to let me temporarily replace the stage Performance, and finally I sing the wish of singing. These past, a few years ago I wrote an article entitled 'village drama' essay, made a d


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