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Want to see or qualify

Guest Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 10:40 PM

uch a big grievances and injuries. Or you assume that you have no money situation, when others say so, you will be angry at the top of the roar go back to 'rich ah,' and then in the back where the child can not see the secretly cry, of course, you can choose to let the children Hit back, but then you have to bear what the next claim, you have no money and no potential to take anything and people fighting. You work hard to create a better life, your child is born in the environment is good, he can accept a good education, more insight into the wonderful, you can not endure because of the lack of hunger and cold, early insight into the darkness of society , He can have more opportunities to do what he wants to do, and you have the ability to meet all his reasonable demands. Facts have proved that the family of superior children than the family of poor children to be more confident, growing and more healthy. Of course, if you have a problem with education or too spoiled to make him arrogant and then it is Nike LeBron ST II said. I am afraid of the future even disease are not born, even the dream are reluctant to wake up Money is not a panacea, money is absolutely not. Maybe you will say 'what money is, are superficial,' and even secretly scolded those 'would rather sit in the BMW cry, do not sit on the bike laugh' girls vanity. But you know, you may not be afraid of money, you do not try not to be aggressive.You imagine the future of eating and darling, coupled with the possible sickness, do not you afraid of the future but are afraid to go to the hospital afraid to spend money, you are not afraid of what you really need surgery surgery is necessary Will you force no way to go? Every day the news of the number of poor parents because their children are sick but no money to cure, only hard to make money or begging, or seriously think of selling blood to sell kidney, which are forced by the money forced by life. Sometimes in the face of the Authentic Nike Shoes pale reality of the eyes are all painful, so prefer to hide in the night without a man, hiding in a beautiful dream, afraid to wake up all back to the pain, you have to face all this suffering. Such a life so helpless, is the future you want? Afraid of the glass touch together all broken dream years later, when several old friends together, you drink talk, drink discussion from their dreams for many years, each sighed their own choke. The glass touched together, is the broken dream, the glass fell to the ground, is broken pain. You think of your dream of the year, think of your passionate desire, think of you in the early days of the night in front of this lonely air roar you want to enter the top five, you have to Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes be a good lawyer, you want to enter the wind Raw clouds, you want to . but all really just dream and think, you do not have to go hard to fight, did not realize the dream, the future filed, all melancholy. Such a future is what you want? Afraid to let parents disappointed, afraid to make their Cheap Nike Shoes own regret. Recently, the fire Women Free Run of the words no more than 'you are young, afraid of what is too late.' Yes ah, we are young, afraid of what is too late, but my dear, we are afraid of parents can not wait. Can not wait to see us as a matter of the day, so we can not wait for the day we can not wait for us to hold up a day for them a day. When we were eager to grow up, we could decide our own life as adults, but then when we really grew up, we found that the growing world was not the same as we thought, and as we grew up, Come to the reality of the helpless. We began to realize that we grew up parents are old, we began to panic fear, afraid they can not see our excellent day, afraid of their own can not create peace of mind for their old age, afraid they are still old after the We are worried. If we do not work hard now, and so Air Max R4 do not have the ability to travel around with their parents to relax, taste the food around. The significance of our efforts is to let them worry about food and clothing, you can enjoy the beauty of life, rather than in their later years also for our lives and work to worry about, but also their own pension money out to you. So the speed of our success must be more than the speed of the old parents. Afraid of the compromise of the whole man groveling live without dignity was led to criticize the dog blood nozzle did not dare to say anything, students gathered to see the cause of others and self-esteem shrink in the corner, see the favorite things are not willing to buy every day in order to save money and desperately crowded There is no place to stop the bus subway, every day gnawing bread instant noodles fantasy This is a delicious meal. These sad reminder of life will not work hard for your situation. The purpose of our efforts is nothing more than to do not see people do not see people look down on their own, you can be proud to do what you want to do, not for a work and a swallow, not being watched, live with dignity and emboldened. Dignified posing chest, proud to say that this is me, this is what I want life. Want to see or qualify and like people keep pace, want to talk about an even


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