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Jay332843867 Thursday, August 31, 2017 at 2:34 AM

f the votes, the small town is almost every household from the store to pull the fabric after the sewing machine to the p Can not call their workers, cutting is a high technical requirements of a type of work, a soft ruler often hang on their items, a wooden case of the word to start a total of four or five, the master have their own site, color painting Powder, sharp scissors and so are comfortable lying on the board as confident of them. The third type of work is the Air Jordan lathe (sewing), is the core of its entire processing process, but also the most workers of a kind of work; the fourth type of work called the household, responsible for the late to the finished product lock buttonhole and nail buttons and so on. In the era of little selling finished clothes, each family has a government distribution of the votes, the small town is almost every household from the store to pull the fabric after the sewing machine to the production process, some for the elderly to prepare a shroud; some are Cadres and cadres of the Zhongshan clothes; and some are ordinary people's clothing and cotton trousers, in short, then the sewing business is very good, its lively degree is not inferior to today's vegetable market. People who want to wear new clothes will be in accordance with their own aesthetic and the master of the county in the word of mouth to find their favorite cut master, do the clothes before the first to say a few feet to a few feet, cut the master will basically tell the budget, And other customers to the first after the other name written on a piece of paper, the customer standing straight after the master on the first body length, shoulder width, sleeve length, cuff width and bust, collar size. For the cadres, their clothes are required fit, decent, solemn, then the underwear will want to be cut a little personal, it seems to have the spirit and style. The rest of the fabric will generally be returned to the customer, of course, occasionally there will be a large surplus, and some master will be quietly conceal the savings for his use. For ordinary people, playing a dress often want the master as much as possible the clothes used up or even more than cut a little even a little clothes, the so-called Mens Air Jordan new three years, the old three years, Year, the system of a new dress after the adults wear a child to wear, the boss wearing a second wear, the second wearing the youngest wear and so on, the children at home are looking forward to the new clothes, even if the fresh flower patch The same joy. Years later, I can still remember some of the scenes, such as a sunny afternoon, a middle-aged master of the surname Huang, he will cut each time a piece of fabric is very solemnly folded, jitter and then shake Wooden feet will be tiled on the table and then put a large glass of water to drink in the import, like playing Air Max Womens Shoes billiards generally find a good angle to Authentic Kids Nike Shoes match the cloth drums pop, pop, puff evenly spray the water in the upper and lower, And then began to pick up ruler painting shape and curvature, and finally open cut. The way he sprinkles always makes me feel like the old dragon water, because in the sun I often see that road called the rainbow light. The most funny thing is that whenever a unit or superior leader visits or what he wants to express, he will always stand and salute very quickly, and speak loudly: report to the government. Later learned that he had been on his girlfriend rogue was reported to be reeducated for several years. The twentieth century, the early seventies, the so-called unit is the government, party and government organs, enterprises are state-owned enterprises, as the sewing machine is not a unit is not a business, people call it a collective booth. I remember a father and his mother joke, he contemptuously make fun of his mother to work in a Cheap Nike Shoes For Men large group, a good mother to his roar: you are a state-owned enterprises, but unfortunately you have not earned my earn more. Yes, the mother of the young age is particularly deft, and the clothes she hits is almost very reworked. Some timid colleagues often give good clothes to their mothers for sewing, because they are worried that they will give customers compensation. Mother is always well-thought-out. At that time more than Cheap Nike Kids Shoes 30 yuan a month is already a high salary, and when the teacher's uncle often Nike Casual Shoes Mens Online Outlet told his colleagues, their own sister-in-law good ability, a month can earn more than forty yuan, than his teacher's income even high. Mother said: Cheap Nike Shoes Sale we are making money is very hard piece, you still have a good book to fight as a teacher!Child, I'd rather believe you're late This is a father at the parents' meeting, the father or an educator, to see his speech, may give you some inspiration and thinking. Teacher, Cheap Air Jordan Shoes ladies and gentlemen Today, parents and friends must be representative of different levels, I probably on behalf of those who are relatively backward, but the progress of the child parents say a few words, so the first half of my speech may be more like a review.  I and my mother are very concerned about the child's learning, but also pay a lot, but this is not


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