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Vulnerability comes from dependence

Jay332843867 Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 2:41 AM

h engine downtime, the most serious injury will be a search engine company? 5 minutes caused the loss of about 545,000 US dollars, looks a lot, but the bulk is not a search engine company. Search engine downtime is the most injured advertisers, because the ads rely mainly on the search engine 'eat'. Some people say that Google is injured in the user, Google's affiliated products, including mailbox, YouTube, Google Drive and other products will also be affected by downtime, but Google's most basic function is to search, and search between the flow of users piumini moncler outlet And advertisers. For users, there is no Yahoo and Yahoo, as well as ASK, bing and other search engines, in the most basic search function, other products can replace the most basic search function, although the use of performance and performance as Google, but to Want to find 'a company's home page', 'where to eat', 'where there are Zapatos Nike Shox fun' these basic things, other search engines can meet the needs of users, so the UGG Botas negro user is definitely not the most injured in the search engine downtime. Advertisers in the search engine downtime to play a more 'hard' role, both hope that the search engine can come more traffic, so that it is possible to sell the product; but do not want the search engine can flow, because This is a 'burn' live. Of course, in general, advertisers still hope that the search engine can bring more traffic, 'under the nest, there are eggs?' No search engine to bring the flow of this platform, the product no one to patronize, though not as Originally in the search engine one day into the 2000 return 3000 so much, now whatever the outcome can make a 500. Advertisers need to search the engine to support this large platform to sell the product, the injured is the advertisers! The advertiser is the 'parasitic product' of the search engine user. If there is no search engine users how to do? The existence Zapatos Under Armour Curry of the search engine is inevitable, the author said here if there is no search engine, is the short-term situation, the search engine can not be a long-term downtime. If the short-term search engine failure, the user how to do it? Mobile Internet subversion of Nike Air Max Light the traditional Internet in the mobile products on the property, and even users say that the mobile Internet environment, or even do not need domain name, do not need url, do not need search engine, in the current mobile Internet environment, these are necessary Exist, at least in the short term url and search engines will not disappear. We have to thank the Internet for the opening, resulting in tens of thousands of sites every day, web navigation and other tools is clearly difficult to hundreds of millions of sites in the world are included in the search engine can help people quickly find what is needed, no It has ... (1) the history of the browser. The current mainstream browser Google Chrome, Cheetah browser, 360 browser, ie browser has a browsing history function, the user can enter into their history through the history of records to avoid the search engine in a short You can not access the required URL after downtime. (2) Favorites, bookmarks. Such as QQ bookmarks, delicious bookmarks and other bookmarks, many browsers also support bookmark New Balance Scarpe plugins. Although the bookmark tool 'rivers and rivers', but its user or some, the user will be favorite web site collection, you can directly enter, directly across the search engine. (3) instant messaging. Instant messaging tools in the Internet and mobile Internet users the most, even more than the amount of search engine users, through other users to get with the search engine needs Timberland Roma Negozio something, but also a short lost after the return home. (4) URL navigation. Web site navigation is no longer the year's heroic, and the current number of mainstream navigation traffic is also declining. Some of the browser is relatively rogue, the default user to browse the home page, some white users do not know how to change, part of it is too lazy to change. URL navigation contains a small number of URLs, but the basic function is still able to meet. (5) other search engine replacement. Search engine downtime, will only appear in one or two search engines above, not all of the search engines are down it, although pay attention to customer loyalty, but the product is not always a product can only 'die' Right now. The greatest thing about search engines is that users are getting used to the search engine, so after a downtime they have triggered a series of series of events. In the entire Internet field, the site downtime is also more canada goose store frequent, network security issues have not only related to the user, and the big platform is fundamental. (Broken pot Nike Air Max Shoes net; Guo Jing) Vulnerability comes from dependence.?Take advantage of your iPhone 5S 7-point proposal Apple has always been good at producing intuitive use of equipment, iPhone 5S suddenly added so many new features, you may miss some very important, the following collected 7 iPhone 5S very useful features, so you make the best use! Set the new iPhone 5S If you are a veteran iPhone user, this is very simple. If it is a novice: Start by backin

Guest Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at 4:48 AM

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