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Such a woman

Guest Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 10:41 PM

you, this Authentic Nike Shoes Sale moment with me and you, the top of the road Not lonely, running not only for the first. Choose the real oneself, how many roads can be on the hill, you have to personally open up, run not only for the first, listen to the inner voice, every step to prove you, the existence of meaning, when the four refueling shouting, I can only Listen to their own breathing, this moment only lonely yourself, can I believe I can run not only for the first. In order to create the magic, let the world cheer for you, you want to thank yourself, run not only for the first, opponents only yourself, when you try to take the first step, the champion is you, run not only for the first ... The Hard to settle down, such a big world, such a small individual; too many people in the world, so many people and people are linked to each other and squeeze each other, time and space against the contrary, Difficult is how to give yourself in this crowded world to find their own place, I gradually found that, in fact, very little life, according to the voice of the world to the world to obtain, often benefit, it is not only Can meet your external needs, and even even the soul of a vacancy to make up. So in those who feel that everything is bound by desire, full of thoughts are bound by the real days of the day, I began to run, and its entangled, it is better to put it down. One day, one year, or life only do one thing, nothing and for nothing. Run, the vision away, the target refinement, I found a way to choose between the breath, in the footsteps of the alternating to find a sense of balance, every day only to enjoy the process of running, only to do this one thing , Do it seriously, do whatever you want.Step by step, running forward, looking back and found that although this year only to do this one thing, but the harvest is quite good. I become no longer complicated, simple act, I become regular life, more enjoy the freedom of the mind, I become not rigidly adhere to the minutiae, more calmly deal with life and work on Cheap Nike Shoes Sale everything, the original dream, the ideal does not need How noble and great, the heart to fit the most true of their own. Only one Air Max 90 thing to do, is the beginning of the rhythm of life, and then busy tired days will be clear and light, no matter how hard the salty life is not worth mentioning.Years of branding in our hearts only quiet, because we were a moment, just want to put the thing at hand to the extreme.Because of external forces Nike Air Max Flyknit Mens and had to give up the idea of ??things, not tired of the other tired of giving up is the dream. This can not give up the power from the heart. Do not waste time. Do not greedy the front of the music, young as much as possible to learn culture, open horizons, broaden their thinking, training wisdom, a little longer after the gap in the life of the edge of the capital. Do not self-esteem from the cheap, do not be good and far away.People live alive, understand a book or good at one thing, do not flustered, there is setbacks, but also temporary. The social mechanism itself must provide an opportunity for those who have the expertise to learn. To believe this, because the operation of society needs such a person. Toward their own dreams, ideals and running forward, as long as the stick to it, although the final did not succeed, but the things that ran before the run, always in their own growth in a wealth.Running not only for Women Air Max Motton 2014 the first, more important is toward their own dreams and little by little effort, their own sense of success, is beyond the self, break through the self, play their own potential, play their own perseverance, play out their own The ability to make himself sharpened into a sharp sword, in the way forward to overcoming all obstacles, wind and waves will sometimes, straight hanging Yunfan economic sea.Run is not just for the first, forward efforts, forward struggle, forward struggle, success will belong to us.?Woman song Women such as water, delicate and delicate; women such as tea, long Mi Mi; women such as books, feast for the eyes; women Cantabile, crooning shallow singing. Good woman, song. Gentle and intelligent woman, such as a beautiful song, such a woman home, the home will be the layout of the warm and romantic, spotless. And then hold an emotional magazine, hiding in the corner of the sofa, quietly enjoy; also in his spare time holding a cup of tea sitting next to the computer to write their own mood story. Just as a classic song 'town story' like, no matter when you appreciate her, whether you are looking at the distance or near, Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes this woman always gives a feeling of beauty. Business type of woman, such as a 'sonorous rose', they are always flames, talking loudly, act resolutely, is definitely not let men. Such a woman, mature in a strong beauty, is a model of independent women, they do not rely on men, what things themselves call the shots, in the occasional fragile time, frustrated, they will be like a man singing ' Come again, 'and then sleep, all the confusion swept away. Such a woman is my admiration, but also today's men are pursuing one of the independent personal


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