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Search engine downtime

Jay332843867 Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 2:41 AM

ormation, and the number of accounts that affect it. Google publishes information on user data requested in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations in the 'Transparency Report' published twice a year. In this report, Google will list the number of requests it has received to request user data. These requests come from governments around the world. Prism door time, Google, Facebook and Microsoft and other companies are also promoting the government to allow them to open more information. In the country, there seems to be no relevant report on transparency. To get rid of suspicion to gain trust, there is only one way: transparent. Similarly, only transparent can play the role of supervision. 4, the dual status of government departments. Interestingly, the role of government departments in this process is often also evil. Prism door to the Obama administration in public opinion whirlpool. But the supervision of enterprises often also need the relevant government departments shot. It is fantastic to expect self-regulation of enterprises aiming at profit-taking. Mutual supervision between enterprises, industry associations, third-party supervision, social media supervision of public opinion are indispensable. For example, 360 and Jinshan have repeatedly accused each other of disclosure or infringement of privacy, but in addition to causing war of words or even lawsuit, or become a means of competition, does not seem to promote the establishment of the entire privacy protection system. Government participation, through the top design, through continuous improvement of laws and regulations, can play a fundamental role in the regulation, to avoid the enterprise data collection, use and sharing too much expansion. For example, California as early as 2004 has been 'Network Privacy Protection Act.' Last year, California Attorney General Kamala Harris also reached an agreement with six big companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, RIM and Hewlett-Packard to better inform consumers of mobile App-related privacy Safeguard. We can see that the government has often played a role in monitoring and promoting privacy. Everything has two sides, privacy protection is no exception. Public power will Zapatos Nike Shox urge privacy, will also reach the user's privacy space; companies can use data to improve the service, it may be even if the data leaked. Only transparent and supporting the management, supervision system, can form a self-perfect balance system. This is also a good foundation for the operation of this society. (Tiger sniffing network; Luo Chao)?When the search engine is gone Yun Yue read: thinking about the search engine suddenly disappeared, how to do it? It is estimated that for most Chinese Internet users, just do not know how to access the Internet and what the site, because we did not own Internet behavior classification fixed in a certain class or a number of sites, but again and again according to the need to search Engine search. anything else? Nike Roshe Run Pattern Let's take a look at the Internet world without a search engine. The search engine plays an indispensable role in the use of the Internet by Internet users, one of which is once known as the entrance to the Internet. Search engines make people eat, drink, live, work, UGG Botas negro life, etc. can be more convenient, fast, since moncler outlet the Internet using the domain name after the way, doomed search engines will be in the tide of the Internet to get the initiative. Is the search engine so that users become more lazy, the user's dependence on the search engine, the more likely to be subject to search engine constraints. So, if one day no search engine how to do? Count search engine downtime Will the search engine suddenly happen? It turns out to be At 17:50 pm to 6:55 pm on August 17, Google suffered a downtime, including the Google homepage, YouTube, Google Drive and Gmail, all of which were affected and could not be accessed. In this short 5 minutes, the global network Adidas Scarpe traffic plunged 40%, resulting in canada goose store the loss of about 545,000 US dollars. On October 15, 2010, hosted a downtime at 14:15 pm Pacific Time (Beijing time Friday 5:15), and the accident lasted about 45 minutes. Home or search page problems, Q \u0026 A, email, games, and help pages are displayed. January 12, 2010 7:20 to 18:00 the same day, Baidu suffered the longest duration of China's Internet companies, the most serious impact of hacker attacks. Suddenly unable to visit the fault, the domain name can not be normal analysis, resulting in the loss of more than 7 million. Baidu Dr Martens Donna CEO Li Yanhong even take the initiative in their own micro-blog products, 'i posted it,' said: 'unprecedented, unprecedented! December 3, 2009 US Eastern Time 9 pm Nike Air Max Shoes to 11 pm, Bing in the global context of downtime, our users will not be able to access the visit. Bing service has been in the United States Pacific Zapatos Under Armour Curry time on December 3 19:10 (ie Beijing time on December 4 12:10) to restore. Search engine downtime who is most hurt? Search engine downtime, no one can guarantee, but the user's dependence on the search engine, no less than their own 'lovers'. In the searc

rollinz Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 2:54 AM

Search engines convey programs called crawlers or spiders to recover these pages and guarantee they have new Professional Academic Writing Services UK duplicates of the pages in the index at all times. The crawler can discover the sites pages many different ways.

Guest Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at 4:52 AM

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