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a pleasant process. I am an educator, full of brains of educational ideals, educational theory, so I began to try to study the child's non-intervention, hold more observation, encourage more, multi-guide principle, insist on outside the newspaper, believe in their education The As Air Jordan 11 a result,  I see the child dawdle, often the brain like a broken line, like a long time Lengshen, homework often consumed ten to eleven. So, finally give up the original idea, began to accompany the school, counseling, since then, the home is full of scold, dissatisfaction and cry. I can not accept such a fact. Do the teacher know, not afraid of you stupid, afraid you lack the will; not afraid you learn not, afraid you do not have a compact, Authentic Nike Shoes Sale self-management good habits. Failed mood is easy to turn into irritability, when I am also a child, sometimes very heavy. Whenever playing a child, especially when the start more ruthless, the mood is bad to the extreme, see the child curled up in the corner, very helpless, silently crying, when you see this usually so beautiful and lovely children, and he regardless  In the physical and intellectual are far from my confrontation, just because of learning, we must bear the psychological and physical destruction, and this he is his own baby, his only, this time pity, remorse, distressed, it is difficult to say. Until now, whenever recalled that year, to see their own year to write the article, or feel very sorry for children, my children often see my article, he knew my father's regret is true. Dad is worthy of his father's insistence, never give up the tough. For example, when the child is small, Womens Shoes For Sale the most need to play a classical Cheap Nike Shoes Online culture of the foundation, I for two consecutive years of winter and summer vacation, where not to go with the children back the Analects of Confucius, back three characters, back thousands of words, Did not see what effect, and now children watching TV, especially love to see cultural programs, see the classic content of a kind, kind of pride,  I know that year's kung fu played a role. Last year to take him and friends of several children to travel, other children love to playground, my children like to enjoy the park with me, can quiet tea, quietly appreciate the Suzhou Pingtan, Wu Zixu to death Xu door, He has a sorrowful sorrow. These subtle changes, others can not notice that whenever this time, I have for the children who have some cultural shadow and pleased, as if it is a harvest. When the second grade of the child, writing writing, writing is particularly difficult, a hold is half a day, over half an hour to see, the book can not write a line of Nike Kevin Durant Shoes words, how do? Every time he has a homework,  I are in a panic. Later, before writing, I first talk to the children, to determine the composition of the material, listen to his activities Cheap Nike Shoes For Men of the experience, interested in the scene, often vivid, full of childlike, sometimes attention to a detail, beyond adults expected, Often makes me happy and happy. I told the child that what you said was a wonderful essay. The results can not think of is to write out or dry, few lines, I realized that the child's language skills and writing skills, there is no coordinated development, when the words Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes and phrases have my eyes my question to his encouragement and guidance, when When he was writing independently, the speed of writing could not catch up with the flow of language, and when he was written there, he had forgotten what he had just thought.  If the school is writing, rather than writing, his composition must be excellent, Mens Nike Air Max Shoes but how can we change the school tradition? Later, there is no way to give time to talk to the child, I use a pencil quietly recorded, due to rush records, writing scrawled, the child can not read, I re-use the characters are rewritten, finished reading the child to listen to the time, the child is very Excitement, simply can not think of, he can conceive such a good article. Tell the child that is your essay, is entirely their own creation, the word down the copy down, to the teacher will let the Nike Casual Shoes Mens Online Outlet teacher satisfied. As I expected, the classroom essay commentary, the first time the teacher in the class Fan read, until the students go home school excitement did not subside.  So insisted for a year, his composition has maintained a high rate of reading, and later even if I no longer interfere, there is no obvious regression. In the face of the teacher asked the subject, he felt nowhere to write, I will move my laptop sitting next to him, agreed to write him with a pen on the book, I use the keyboard to write on the computer, and then exchange to read To see if there is inspiration. I have a few pieces of prose that can be made in this case is written in the case. My child is now in writing than many of the better children than not necessarily have an advantage, but after all, no longer afraid to write writing, a few days ago to write an article on Lu Xun, although only asked to write six hundred words,  He actually sprinkled more than a thousand words, until there is no place to write, the sense of accomplishment sparse words, r

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