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January once the mass message push

Jay332843867 Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 2:43 AM

g the street scanning function of the WeChat, has been able to get the mobile Internet ticket; as to whether to sit steady, then with the WeChat team relationship is not Big, mainly depends on SOSO Street team and life electricity business team. The more comprehensive street digitalization of various well-known consumer sites, living electricity business team more quickly talk about the various shops access to the street, WeChat will become the more powerful O2O artifact. In addition to street scanning, the new bar code scanning and cover scan, it is clearly directed at the electricity business channel to go to the greatest threat will be Taobao wireless. Prior moncler outlet to this, Taobao mobile client has been initially raised from the mobile phone users under the line scan, online orders under the consumption habits, and installed capacity of the first WeChat also launched this feature is undoubtedly a 'robbery and (hu )'behavior. The actual use of this bar code scanning and cover scan, Miao Shu found that WeChat will be identified UGG Botas negro after the listing of goods Amazon, Dangdang, Jingdong and other B2C class business prices and purchase links, some products will also list QQ online shopping links - - no only Taobao and days cat Oh. For books and merchandise, you can use bar code, cover scan in two ways, and will link to the watercress comment page, as a consumer decision reference. Already has more than 300 million installed capacity (there are more reliable information source that has been 400 million) of the WeChat, equivalent to master the entrance of China Mobile Internet. In the WeChat 5.0, the entrance of the huge flow finally began to have a very clear commercial orientation. Tencent own easy to Xun as the main body of Tencent and online shopping as the main open platform, in fact, the price, service and investment has done a lot of work, but the biggest distress is Nike Roshe Run 2014 always user awareness is not enough, everyone Or will subconsciously ran Jingdong, Dangdang away. The same door brothers WeChat involved in the field of electricity business, in fact, do not have exclusive use of Tencent electricity business links, only in each commodity under the parity purchase links are easy to show, and occasionally show Zapatos Nike Shox a 'day delivery' words, enough to intercept Huge flow of the. Also added, the cover scan this technology seems magical, in fact, Tencent's internal technical articles show that they have developed in 2010, the latest technology, that is, Soso in the 'map search map.' Specific technical principles are not complicated, the consumption of traffic is actually very small, because it does not need to upload the entire picture and server comparison, only need to upload a string of digital signatures can be. This technology is extended to the maximum is actually street scans, and in Google and other corporate vision, can be scanned, the identification will Blauer Nuovo be all the common goods in life. At that time really do not need a bar code. Include a sweep of the last function in a sweep, sweep the translation - Dictionary APP also shaking. Change of public numbers: boutique to survive Many people with the right to speak are different from the average user, more concerned about the Adidas Scarpe public changes, because it involves a large number of media, media and marketing companies from the future. There are a lot of people on the previous two days WeChat made the 'WeChat is not a marketing tool' quite complain, and canada goose outlet even that 5.0 upgrade means that WeChat in the suppression of media and marketing behavior, intends to start another stove. We first look at the WeChat 5.0 public number changes, and then analyze the above views do not fly away. WeChat 5.0 does realize the widely circulated 'public number folding' function, that is, the establishment of two folders, 'subscription number' and 'business number', the huge subscription public number into the two folding folder in. Although Miao Shu subscribed to Joy City, millet and other business accounts, but the Zapatos Under Armour Curry 3 current 'Enterprise' this folder is still blank, corporate accounts are still with the information account number in the 'subscription number' folder, can not be moved in the Enterprise number folder to add a new business number, will go to the subscription number to go. WeChat team had to upgrade the public platform in the background this month to meet this 'public number folding' function, but then the upgrade was delayed, it is estimated that the WeChat 5.0 will be synchronized on-line. After the background upgrade, the business number and subscription number may be the same. @ Dragon old thief in its article that the subscription number can be updated after a daily, Nike Air Max Shoes business number is a month to update a, this change has been confirmed by the insiders. This means that the direct use of micro-public letter to do the marketing of the possibility of getting smaller and smaller - January once the mass message push, the conversion rate and then high, can bring the turnover of 30 days is also very limited. This will directly change the millet and other WeChat play better business behavior patterns, they must t


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