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e hospital for a long time, need his wife to take care. In this way, the original good of a family of three, only his son at night alone. In the long winter night, fear, loneliness, fear that would have been very simple, very fragile son of psychological damage, so his results plummeted to the second year of spring mock exams always backfire, can not fight to turn over to As for the examination and the county key high school pass, was forced to go to the county high school. High school, off-site study, loss of parents to accompany the son of learning Although very serious, hard, but rare essentials, the results always play well. High school for some time, but also in the loss of disappointment. I timely contact with the class teacher to help and enlighten him, to encourage him to have the more frustrating and courageous spirit. But because of high school knowledge I do not understand, can not carry out fruitful counseling for the child, so the oral preaching becomes pale and empty, failed to fundamentally Air Jordan 7 reverse the decline in the trend of children. Three years despite the son of great care, day and night to tenacious learning, but the final result of the college entrance examination or barely reached the two admission line and disappointing. College entrance examination volunteer, the Nike Free 3.0 V5 son gave up on the two, three institutions of the opportunity, decided to choose the Hebei University medical specialist! When the local education foundation to reward a large number of awards that year to obtain one or two of the successful students of the University, the son holding the college that Authentic Nike Shoes Sale admission notice tears in tears!The more frustrated the more courageous, perseverance. Son in the frustration of tenacious growth, in the pain cast strong. During his stay in Hebei University, he served as the supervisor of the whole department, concerned about others, studious, every year to get 1,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan scholarships, but also gloriously absorbed by the Chinese Communist Party members. Graduated to participate in the examination, to the whole line of the first successful results admitted to Zhangjiakou Hebei North College, accumulated years of volcanic eruption for the first time. To the 'north', the son did not meet, he gave himself a more ambitious goal - to the graduate sprint. His mind muted a professor of words: in the examination, college entrance examination key institutions are not worth showing off, the final graduate is the most convincing education. Despite the difficult test road, full of ups and downs and thorns, but did not bruise the Air Jordan 8 Retro real enterpriser. 'Road is far from its repair Xi, I will be from top to bottom and quest', the philosopher Qu Yuan's words sometimes spur the son is not satisfied with the status quo, towards a higher and stronger goal advance. Son of the medical examination of professional, college entrance examination but also to increase the vast majority of the clinical knowledge of traditional Chinese and Western medicine as a professional content, in addition to public lessons politics and English. He learned hard, gregarious, to the test sprint stage, every day to see more than 100 pages of books, write down countless knowledge points. Sleepy, holding the book sleep; wake up, then look. 'Non-quiet to incontinate, non-learned to Guangcai', calm down, sit and set a cold bench, 'clothing gradually wide end does not regret, for the Iraqi people were haggard.' Tiandaochouqin. Finally, his son with excellent results to achieve their own entrance exam dream! The phone side, is the son of good news; the phone side, I am excited tears. Yingying's tears, the son of that thin, tall figure is even stronger and tall. Volcano erupted for the second time! 'Will be extremely Ling, a list of small hills,' I believe that at this moment the son will feel the heart suddenly, very comfortable and Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes comfortable! He was grateful to help him all the way to the success of the many teachers at the same time, but also thanks to the way that time setbacks and failures, again and again tears of tears, so that he personally felt the twists and turns of life and hard, Of the tempered in the cooked. Hing of the matter, I have a mouth that he congratulated: How many ups and downs how difficult, determined to become difficult not difficult.In the sleepless nights, tactics tearful sense of the day.No wind and rain how to wear Chi, full set of frustration cast sword Jian.River big north tan wing, Kaoyan won the peak peak!?Fate is always in their own hands This story I read several times, but each time Air Max Shoes on Sale to read the meaning is different, which contains the philosophical philosophy is also very deep.A class of students in the class because of the homework are test mess, so worried, in the philosophy class listless. His exception caused the professor's attention, the professor called him up from his seat and asked him to answer the question. Professor picked up a piece of paper thrown to the ground, asked him to answer: This paper has several fate? Perhaps it was a panic, perhaps absent-minded, and the classmate was shocked for a mom


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