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But not everyone is traveling for trave

Jay332843867 Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 4:14 AM

calf love, is the most sincere love of nature, but also do not seek return, the most selfless love.    Every child Canada Goose Chilliwack is not in or have to enjoy this kind of care?    Such a flat family can be considered a happy family?    No one told me the answer.    Perhaps in every twilight of the day, in every season of the years, because of the love of life, the ordinary you, I, he is not at the same time, also harvest, moved, love With being loved    Is this happy? I asked myself.    It is happy. I told myself.    Although each person has a different definition of happiness, but who can deny: this is not happy?    So that happiness as flowers bloom in our every day, blooming in the hearts of each of us, blooming life of the most wonderful eternal!After seeing the truth of life, continue to love it After seeing the truth of life, continue to love it ?Sitting on the motor car, it is my first time a person travel, did not imagine so excited, I sat in the window position, originally intended to read, but that still enjoy the scenery on the road is better, halfway up when a Uncle, suits and suits, shoes shiny, combing a small back of the spirit, with a tile and a thick lens, looks very strict, he sat in my side of the vacancy. A person's travel, had thought to be able to meet a beautiful chat, the results and met the uncle, and I secretly sigh. Air Jordan 17 I looked at the scenery outside the window, after about twenty minutes, rigorous uncle and I strike up a conversation: 'Young man, you ears side of a ear hole, parents do not say it? Uncle's opening white weak burst. 'Well, wait for a job without going, hey.' 'Young is good!' Uncle laments. 'You are also young ah!' We chatted with a few words, can be considered to ease each other on the journey of loneliness. 'You are going out to play, a person?' 'Well, can not count a person, there is a good friend to pick me up, you? 'I go on a business trip, in order to live and run, mechanical movement, and you can not compare these young people.' My heart secretly chuckle, nothing more than young. 'But I do not envy you, and when I was young, it was more crazy than you.' My heart slightly dengkou a bit, really did not see out, uncle unconventional, there have been crazy youth. 'When I was young, a man ran over the whole mountain on our side, did not go home all day, and ate every day in the mountains, Will be evolved, boring, and later friends and business to break through half of China, what ride to travel ah fare evasion ah poor travel ah is that we will Christian Louboutin Toe Escarpins live every day only, alas, then really want to have such a lifetime, more Chic free. ' 'I have a little adoration of you, your life has been a lot of young people dream of this era. Uncle smiled, 'no envy, and then crazy when the young, and Wholesale Nike Football Boots Cheap Nike Shoes finally to be Coach Drawstring Madison Des sacs attributed to the plain. You see me now, every day for his wife and daughter, for that point of fire and salt, you can not travel as a tour, which is repeated Sexual mechanical movement, dull. ' 'Are you so crazy when you are young and now have such a dull life?' 'In the twenties, and a woman married, have children, keep michael kors a family, for their families responsible for his wife and children, honor their parents, day after day life, you can stand up and ask the car , How many people are not living such a life. 'Uncle looked at me smiling 'Yes ah, can hermes bags online a few people do not live like that?' I echoed. Uncle a little sadly, perhaps in the memory of the crazy youth, perhaps in the sigh of his later life is not exciting, in short, this expression only in his face for two seconds, but still I caught. 'Now the young people are too excited to pursue the fresh life, and every day thinking about how different and others, I hope you have the courage to stay in the plain, can be safe is the biggest difference is not the same. Yesterday saw an article, the article criticized a lot of young people now Michael Kors Sac go to Tibet, a person to ride to travel, always dreaming around the world. Some of these young people do not have the conditions to do these things but still insist, regardless Official Nike Womens Shoes of their own safety and parental worry, is not mature do not understand the performance of the performance, but blindly Herd, in the peers advertised their own Brave and different. More and more young people fall in love with travel, backpackers, poor travel, ride travel, ride, we are constantly inventing a more exciting way of travel, although travel for many people is to find their own on the road Dream, in the strange place to find the real oneself. But not everyone is traveling for travel, we are always used to try their own section of the trip to outline how exciting, the roadside landscape depicting how beautiful, basking in the most beautiful photos, writing the most thrilling Story, we talk about talking to everyone and want to share the experience and happiness, but in fact a lot of people want is that the two others envy and praise, listen to others boast brave and persistent, to meet that little vanity. In the final analysis, we are too many people in this era do not have the courage to be flat, unwilling to admit that their life is o


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