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reluctant to discard. Often wash the color white, like deformation.  Broken seam, make up and then break, and then sew, patch patch, patch next to the patch, the mother is very helpless, but also very difficult. Sister did not finish primary school to drop out of school. Mens Nike Air Jordan Shoes Sister only to the fifth grade, excellent learning, love to learn, good at thinking. Teachers and students say that she is a good material to school. Read the mother hard, it is reluctant to leave the school, to help the mother to work under the wage points. Sister later chatted out of school, the sound is always sand dumb, and look always stunned, see that she is very sorry, very sorry. Although the family more than a labor, but the mother is still Free Run Shoes very hard, very hard. Children grow up day by day, eat more and more, the mother has always been unable to relax. Even if the two labor struggles, the food at home or less, the children often suffer from hunger. The mother to try to live in the heart of the night, the total gods unknowingly steal to be harvested wheat and mature sweet potatoes, cooked to give us hungry greedy, full of children all well-behaved, all obedient. Mother looked at the face of laughing children, laughing is so practical, so from the heart. Sister and brother have also gone to school, no school bags, a small amount of books always hold around, not very convenient, not play. Learning equipment is also a set of two, sister with strike, brother and then use, brother anxious brother first with, sister tight sister first use, Authentic Men's Nike Shoes even useful injustice, there are slapstick.  The mother is always anxious to fight with the palm of your sister and brother's ass, the hands of the name of the mouth swearing you who do not live up to the child, ye can not be a director, want to mad your mother? After the mother ran out of the squatting under the eaves whining crying, and sometimes crying, we are afraid to do the sound, made the wrong silly stay. Mothers slightly emotional adjustment, they walked into the house will be stopped in the arms of the child, tightly holding, his face covered in the child's chest rub to rub, do not live. We are also hazy feel the mother's hardships. Watching the children grow up tall and long, the burden of the mother is getting heavier and heavier, often taking advantage of the child at night after sleeping, quietly go out to find a living earn points, so that the needs of home supplement.?My father is a fool At the age of eighteen, my father became a fool. I may have never thought that my life will be turned upside down because of this accident, I have been trying to escape this home, then my father silly, I am free, but found that can not let go of everything here. My father, ah, hard for the rest of my life, nothing got, and finally came to such a fate, that car accident, so he completely turned into a four or five years old child. He and a group of wild children all day together, every day dirty, to know giggle, and because the game is always lost and crying nose home, wiping tears complained that they bully me, tears and tears, Accidentally sucked into the mouth, called a nausea. You think about it, he lived for half a century, a old old Air Jordan 9 bones, and little bastard who play the game, do not lose it strange? Father had just become silly that days, I do not have much sadness, but rather feel a relaxed, unrestrained, free. I thought, no one finally hit me call me control me. The father of my discipline is very strict, he never stupid man, every day with a face, school home, he forced me to do homework, practice questions, the book of the book almost pile up the mountain, all next door Hu Xiaonan home by of. He never talked to me and talk, just talk to me about learning how to talk about how hard and infinite truth, I and his communication, in addition to these Authentic Nike Air Max Shoes nothing else, so when I was high school Afraid to go home, afraid to call home, I do not want to always be bound in his set of antiques thought, so a lot of things I do not come with my father, talk back, justify, quarrel and things want to fight out for granted Unfortunately, every time I have failed to end, the hearts of grievances continue to grow, always want to flee the home, gradually, my father and I have a gap, communication is less and less, until later, I play the role at home like a Guest, cautious, silent, be careful. After his father became silly, his life lived by the mother alone to take care of, I can not control Wholesale Air Jordan Shoes my silly father, he Air Max Shoes on Sale is too wild, but also naughty than when I was young, not to mention, I was a Mens Shoes On Sale child yet. I took all the books in the room to sell, my father no longer control me, and then the family is really difficult, need money to make up home. I will do nothing every day on the class, all day long to go home late to go home, there Air Max Womens is no bound days simply too cool, the results are at that time plummeted, from the top of the class before retreating several. The mother did not have more thoughts on my study, she also went to work with his father to go to work during the day, his father always like a child crying like crying, pulling the mot


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