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And in the United States

Jay332843867 Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 2:40 AM

notes and the 'Spring and Autumn', but also 'Lujing Wu' as 'five of the blessing of the system,' the beginning. As for the 'Lujing Wu Wu,' the 'Lu' word, 'Han food food' Yan Shigu Note: 'Lu, Tanaka house also. Spring and summer home, autumn and winter is to.' Lujing word still with the field of ancient System of meaning, how can the national military and military unity of the household registration system in the five units of the basic unit? In order to explore the true meaning of the word 'Wu', it is not enough to pay attention to the ancient and modern annotations. It is necessary to understand the political reality and ideas behind the promulgation of ' Fortunately, 'Zuozhuan' Xiang twenty-nine and thirty years of narrative is based on the most primitive 'Zheng Shu' (then Zheng's history), complex and cumbersome among every intriguing words. In short, sub-production is forced to be governed by a crisis that is both inside and outside, and can hardly form a regime that can barely operate. The full supporters behind him are selfless and virtuous to the Han clan, When the 'Zheng Zibi granted son of the government', the sub-production resignation, because the deep understanding of the 'small country and forced, family and more, not for.' Autumn ordered the early ruling, in the reply son uncle And the text of the tour Kyrgyzstan, twenty-one years after the sub-production is Zhengqing) difficult to talk, sub-production without hypocrisy to quote 'Zheng Shu' in the proverb: 'stability of the country, will be big first.' For the stability of the country, we must first make the world clean room peace of mind. The time of the frankness of the conversation was probably in the first 543 years of the fall of the year, 'Zuo Zhuan' immediately following the conversation is the sub-production promulgated the 'so that all dirty, ... ... Lu Jun Wu' laws and regulations. If the promulgation of this string of laws would not come late at the end of the day, he would have only three Adidas Scarpe online months from the beginning of the administration to the promulgation of a series of decrees. In this hurry time, but also in the administration must first appease the principle of large family under the small room, 'Lu Jun Wu Wu,' how can Nike Air Max Shoes Outlet the household registration system revolution is the first case of cannon? In fact, the response of the people to the sub-production laws will also be the same argument. 'Zuozhuan Xianggong three years': one year in politics, people Colors of California Scarpe chanting, said: 'take my dress and Chu (storage), take my field and Wu. And three years, and chanting, said: 'I have children, sub-production of the teachings; I have fields, sub-productive. Yang Bojun training 'Wu' as 'Fu' of the borrow word, is based on 'Lu's Spring and Autumn', 'I have fields, and sub-production Fu.' Yang is very, because the initial collection of this tax, the people No doubt, reluctantly from life, three years later, the field of water and value because of the closure of water, children's school education has also been improved, so by the doubt to recite; everywhere reflect the village settlement order is piumini moncler outlet still never forced to implement the household registration system revolution Traces of reform of grassroots organizations. Five years later (Zhao Gong four years, before 538 years) 'Zhengzi production for Qiu Fu' is a further enlistment Fu, its nature and the former Lu, Chu and other countries with similar intentions, mainly for the expansion of a variety of weapons Of the quality, are not engaged in the military system of household Zapatos Nike Shox registration system revolution precedent. The most Canada Goose Italia important thing is the innovation of the household registration system. Traditional and modern Chinese and foreign scholars are almost no power (or guilty) in Shang Yang.?When Chinese professors experience American education ... When I brought the nine-year-old son to the United States and sent him into the American elementary school, which was not far from the apartment, I was like putting my favorite thing to Nike Free Run 2 a person I did not trust, Worried. What kind of school is this ah! Students can laugh in the classroom, at least every day for students to play two hours in the afternoon less than three points to go home from school, Zapatos Under Armour Curry 3 the most eye-catching is that I do not have textbooks. The blonde American female teacher saw my son brought the fourth year of primary school textbooks, the gentle and said: 'I can tell you, before the sixth grade, his math do not have to learn!' Face her full of good smile I'm like a sap. For a time, really doubt that his son to the United States is not the most stupid thing to do a lifetime. Day day by day, looking at his son carrying empty bags every day happily go to UGG Guantes rosado school, my heart could not stop a sad. In China, he started from the first grade of primary school, the schoolbag is full, heavy, from the first grade to fourth grade for the three bags, one than a big, people feel 'knowledge' weight is increasing. And in the United States, he did not have a burden, which can call school? A semester has passed, called his son in front of him, asked his American school to give him


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