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Although the two O2O

Jay332843867 Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 2:43 AM

o the king's. In the event of war, the feudal king as the princes of the Lord, as princes leaders lead princes to fight. Therefore, the Western monarchs are very forced to take the family forced to play, to monitor the role of princes army. While China is a centralized state in ancient times. The emperor is a supreme ruler of the country, the army is not owned by the generals and only owned by the emperor alone, so the emperor as long as the generals to send troops to manage the command. And the emperor of China simply can not see the so-called military talent. Han Fei, a group of legalists Dacheng, put forward the 'law, surgery, potential,' the king of the Road, UGG Botas negro the dynasty emperor in-depth implementation. An outstanding emperor, the most important thing is Yu people, is the right person to apply to the right place, the formation of clever checks and balances for everyone to take orders. As for the specific operational aspects of the content, it is not the emperor should consider the issue. So, in addition to the situation is indeed piumini moncler outlet online critical, you need the emperor debut position, or the emperor himself has a special aspect of military, royal family expedition and no practical necessity. Moreover, in the context of China, the highest level of strategic tactics has been 'no war and subdue the soldiers.' Compared to purely force, diplomacy, political and moral, or at least these means seem to be more sounding on the surface. Of course, there is a reason probably the emperor themselves Timberland Roma Negozio are embarrassed to say: many of them, the body is absolutely not up to standard. You want, since the small spoiled, grow up and then the harem three thousand beauty, this body of internal and external problems, replaced by you you do not want to go all the way out of pro-live to accept it??WeChat 5.0 user experience report Cottage conference members Yang Miao eat large food stalls picked up an iPhone, which actually filled with WeChat canada goose outlet 5.0 closed beta version. In the original owner under the unsuccessful, Miao Shu braved the risk of life actually explore the WeChat 5.0 Nike Air Max Excellerate +2 new features in all aspects of this version of the official line a month before the majority of users, developers and operators to see faster. O2O appeared: sweep away the streets, consumption all inclusive WeChat each major version of the update, the most important feature will be displayed on the launch page, 5.0 start page marked with a striking font 'sweep, sweep the new world!' Means that the original two-dimensional code scanning function has been Fully strengthened. Point to open the main interface of the upper right corner of the magic bar icon sweep, you can see, the new version of the WeChat in addition to two-dimensional code, but also support bar code, book or CD cover scan, and by Tencent SOSO map support Street View scan. When Beijing, Shenzhen and Tibet Lhasa and other places to use the street scanning function, only need to touch the camera near the building, WeChat that automatically call SOSO Under Armour Curry 3 Street View map, identify the location of the location and the main building layout. This feature seems to be just a navigation function, but with the WeChat and SOSO street upgrade, but most likely to truly become 'communication virtual and realistic entrance.' Some people have given this reputation to the two-dimensional code, in fact, always think of it strange, New Balance Scarpe the reality of social architecture, the ever-changing objects, every thing to print a two-dimensional code stickers up, how to think how heavy. To street as the representative of the 'physical scanning to identify' the idea is much more natural to see what photographed automatically identify the right, and this is more in line with the human brain cognitive process. (AR), is to add a richer information on the reality of the entity: When I use a mobile phone to scan a TV, the screen will be on the screen will be more Real-time jump out of its performance parameters, operating guidelines; camera alignment Chaoyang Joy City, a layer of the hall, the screen will show the entire Joy City store distribution within the route navigation (which is a lot of Lok crazy dream of indoor Zapatos Nike Shox navigation function ah) ; Camera at a Starbucks, the screen will show today in the cup offer, there are limited edition Beijing City Cup supply. Behind this scene is very familiar with it? This is not a lot of people dream of O2O Mody We can buy, electricity and other forms of O2O as the representative of 'O O O O O' is such O2O generally away from the consumer scene, the need for consumers only by text and pictures to decide whether to order the purchase; and Street View on behalf of the Is 'near O2O' or 'real O2O', in the vicinity of consumption scenarios, you can view all kinds of consumer introduction and benefits, after the decision can be immediately consumed. Although the two O2O each have a suitable scene, but it is clear that nearly O2O in all kinds of daily consumption to occupy a large number, because it is more in line with women's spending habits ... ... Said so much, seems to have nothing to do with the Nike Air Max Shoes Outlet WeChat 5.0, but in fact, brin

Guest Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 3:44 AM

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