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Alipay account, associated bank card

Jay332843867 Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 2:41 AM

back to normal time to time, what will happen? I think the pot did not eat the earth will be destroyed. Any event that leaves the earth off its normal orbit will cause a multifaceted disaster to the earth. Say one of them well. The earth is the Timberland Roma Negozio alien when the pinball, and that moon? If the moon is far from the gravitational force of the earth, the earth will 'fall'. Two levels are possible and equatorial position. Even if the ramp, the polar ice can melt most of the earth can be destroyed. Any acceleration and deceleration will immediately affect the Earth's own Coriolis force, resulting in significant changes in the weather direction. There may be an unprecedented giant tornado, typhoon, tsunami, and so on. It is enough to destroy most of the earth. The sky is empty. However, perhaps aliens can not go through these painful acceleration or deceleration to enter the near speed and restore the way. If that's the case, we might not have noticed anything happening on earth. Perhaps eating hot pot singing, around the Milky Way, with more than 2 million years time, has been near the speed of light to turn around and return to Earth, the track and the speed is like no left, hot pot also continue to eat And the song continued to sing, no one found something wrong. Until someone to the sky a look, constellation position changed, careful calculation, unknowingly in the moment, more than 2 million years lost. This pot is also long enough to eat ah. Yi Ming; Ji Ming Tai The text should be said to turn, turn it??Be careful! China 'prism door' Because Snowdon broke the news, the United States, 'Prism door' was uproar. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, AOL, PalTalk, Skype, YouTube and other nine companies were accused of espionage, the company suspected of opening the US National Security Agency's server, So that the government can easily monitor millions of Internet users around the mail, real-time calls and access to the data. From the situation of the Internet companies involved, there are a large number of domestic companies because of the core data of Chinese Internet users, it is worth warning. (Yahoo, AMA), social networking network, and so on. (Facebook), storage sharing services (Youtube, iCloud, etc.). They all have the following characteristics: 1, master the massive users. Under Armour Curry 3 In addition to PalTalk, other companies have billion users. Paltalk because of the international and cross-platform features, although only 3 million users, but also involved in them; 2, master personal data. IM, email, social networking, storage and sharing services are involved in a large number of private information Nike Scarpe online associated with people and accounts. The relevant departments of the covetous privacy data is the Internet company involved in the root of the prism door; 3, the globalization of the market. As the prism door monitoring the main goal is to foreign users. So the nine Internet companies are all international companies are quite successful. Look back at the domestic Internet companies, with massive users of the Internet giants are numbered. The third largest portal Sina, NetEase and Sohu; the new three known as BAT Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent; 360 rely on the strong rise of security business and QQ opposing another desktop empire. However, social networking Facebook in China's Zapatos Nike Shox corresponding products are still QQ, storage sharing services in China is also a number of these giants. Youku potatoes and Youtube different, Youku potatoes is more of a video media, rather than share the community. So Youku potatoes do not need to be considered. There is also a product can not be absent: YY voice. In many social hot events Nike Roshe Run 2014 in the role of aggregation and cut a striking figure. Such as Taobao sellers rally and so on. YY voice has 400 million registered users, is a small volume. Look at the second point of personal data privacy. Sina microblogging has been focused on monitoring the object; NetEase has a high share of the mailbox and news comment system; Sohu's Sogou has the input method, the browser is closest to the user's client, Sohu itself also has the mailbox, microblogging (basically can be ignored). Baidu because the account system is not perfect and then the lack of personal Canada Goose Italia privacy data, but there are still a lot of user behavior data, what you search, click on what, search, Baidu moncler outlet onine know. In addition Baidu cloud force is to let it have more cloud storage data, including files, photos. Alibaba has related to the people's livelihood and electricity business shopping data and credit data, you buy what, Ali know. But from the United States nine companies do not include Amazon and eBay, you can also see the Nike Air Max Shoes value of e-commerce data monitoring no other types of data. But a person's purchase situation, Alipay account, associated bank card and the receipt address, but also can be traced back to people's extreme private data. And Tencent is extremely horrifying to master the user's extreme core private UGG Orejeras rojo data company. When do you go over the net, and who is through the video over, what is the content of communication, your friends, you are interested

Guest Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 6:37 PM

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