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so forget yourself Serious

Guest Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 10:40 PM

ly matched Authentic Nike Shoes Sale love. This sentence has been motivating me to move forward: 'I tried to be one day standing on the side of my love, regardless of his rich side or nothing, I can open his hand and embrace him.' The best feelings Is not matched, you will not because of his inferiority inferiority, nor because it is better than his pride, because you are equally good, excellent does not mean to make much success, but you are independent, their feelings Dependence is not dependent on life. Do not be afraid of leaving him do not have to fear to leave, because you leave you still able to live well. Wholesale Air Jordan Shoes If the other side of the couple between the other side is very bright, perhaps at first only by others are not optimistic, but because of their deep feelings and each other stubbornly persists, but after a long time will find that there is a lot of insurmountable between them The gap, many do not like the idea of ??the Cheap Nike Shoes Sale same way, so more and more contradictions, began to bite began to quarrel until the final break up. Perhaps trying to prove that the soul is still alive, we have not given up on ourselves. Memories of the past few years, what have you got, and lost what, we live for what? Where is the meaning of life? Hunhuno is a day, all the arrangements to go to action to enjoy life is another day, the day we have harvested what. Maybe we try to make progress, in order to let ourselves feel the meaning of existence, so that in this world there is something to do life to chase, to prove their soul has not completely withered, to prove that he has not been knocked down. Eat or still hungry but we still have to eat, sleep still sleepy but we still have to sleep, learn not necessarily useful but we still have to learn, alive and eventually die but we still want to live. Perhaps this is the meaning of the existence of life, your soul in the guide to become a better person, to abandon I do not Nike Mercurial Vapor IX AG know whether you are idle. The best answer I have ever heard of why we are trying to work Air Jordan 1 is because we have only a lifetime. Perhaps all of us why the answer to the effort, are less than the last point: because we only have a lifetime, our life only once! Time will not come back, time will not fall, those you miss the scenery missed the road to miss the people, have become unable to look back memories. After the day to mention, full of all regret. Our life only once, a lot of things do not do now really no more energy and time to do, we always used to delay, used to tell their own time is still very Air Jordan 5 Retro long, but now every day is precious. Why not in their youngest and most hard years to try to reach their own want, after the road will be better to go more. Life is not long to say that short and short, those you think there is time in fact under your eyes secretly slip away. Our life only once, we have in a limited time to make their own life to play an infinite value, only worthwhile to this world a field. Do you ask the effort really useful, do you insist that you will succeed? I can not really answer yes. But I can be very clear that when you really work hard, what is the result of what you call is no longer so important, because in the process of hard work you have defeated that sit back and do not know the progress of their own, has been found A more positive and more excellent oneself. Effort, only to meet the better oneself?From the heart of life A person's mood is good or bad, and his mind has a direct relationship, desire to determine the demand, the demand determines the greed, greedy decision mood, state of mind from the mentality, mood affect the interpersonal environment, the environment with the mood this is not directly The relationship is that different people are using normal or very state of mind to quiver to feel. The reason why people live tired, lingering trouble, and their stubborn can not get away from the Department. Imagine, when you worry about food and clothing, there are people in the cold and heat under the life of hard to run around, when you are facing the impoverished no time, you have a healthy body, waiting for you waiting for the opportunity to make a comeback. Some people live in a huge villa, open luxury cars, his mood is not necessarily very spacious, life is often so, when you get a lot of time, in fact, you are using another loss as a price. Once had a hospital experience, in the intensive care unit is either a big joy or is sad, when the patient hanging in the line, with the hope of life, their loved ones are ecstatic, they feel loved to live, it is already old Days in the care of them, as long as there is life, is no more than anything, and life and death over the people, what can not eat anything hard to live it too. Witnessed with the death of the race to do the cruel, you will feel anything is over the clouds. There are a couple of rural couples because of money to see a doctor, stay in the hospital for a long time, doctors urge every day for surgery, he said a good day to the hospital, a bed for him is a luxury, is grateful, so forget yourself Serious illness in the body of the pain, the reality is cruel, who can


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