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because of the different system

Jay332843867 Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 2:43 AM

pedition and triumph of a series of ceremonies. After all, to the two military front, and then counseling the emperor will not let go of the opportunity to set up the opportunity. Sign is not you want to sign, want to levy can sign Royal boat expedition, is definitely not a walk away. 'Zuozhuan' has words: 'the country's major events, in the worship and Rong', that is the country's largest thing is to worship with the war. 'Zhou Li' will be the ancient ritual system structure is divided into 'five ceremony', 'military ceremony' came in fourth. And the emperor pro-levy, no matter from which point of view, are a top event. Since it is a major event, it will not be simple, want to Royal expedition, first get the ministers to get. Although the expedition to boost morale, but after all, there is a risk, if out of the error, nor is it a joke, so the civil and military Baiguan will not be allowed to let the emperor easy to set off success. The emperor and the minister of the pk also started, the general process is as follows: the emperor himself made oral application ?? ministers to block for various reasons ?? the emperor himself to continue (if necessary, can be accompanied by threats, shameless, to kill a hundred measures) ?? the emperor issued a written statement to show the world. Note that the above process takes time, depending on the authority of the emperor and the level of the mouth of the ministers. Get the minister, you can choose the specific implementation of the action of the Royal expedition. As the etiquette of the state, the complicated departure process must not be less, the specific method of operation began in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, later generations continue to add perfection, the main components are: 1. Related preparatory work. Including the martial law of the army, the preparation and placement of sacrificial supplies, the training of the guard of honor in place and so on. 2. A large-scale sacrificial activity for the object. The emperor is Nike Roshe Run 2014 the emperor, the expedition is for heaven, so need to sacrifice Haotian God to seek blessing. The emperor himself and the participation of the civil and military Baiguan to advance in advance, sacrifice when there is wine, sacrifice, sacrifice silk, blood, firewood and other different links, while intervening the emperor to replace the different dress, take a different vehicle. 3. The medium-sized rituals of the ancestors and the land gods, and the small rituals for the mountain gods and the river gods. The level of these activities is relatively low. Especially for the rivers and mountains of the rituals, mainly by the relevant officials to complete, the emperor generally do not participate. Moreover, the worship of rivers and mountains and rivers continued throughout the expedition process, a way, that is, the worship of the local mountains and rivers, street gods. 4. Point will swear. By the emperor himself or the emperor appointed officials to complete. Explain the reasons for the expedition, the goal, a clear military discipline, and then Blauer Nuovo there is fuel to cheer. 5. reveal cloth. In the late Wei period, the emperor's expedition to each victory, in order to know the world, put the news of the cloth hanging on the bamboo pole, known as the 'cloth', so that the soldiers holding the four briefings. Since Zapatos Nike Shox then, this activity has been followed. 6. Canada Goose Italia Triumph, the Czech Republic in the temple. We understand, the emperor set off, regardless of playing not run the enemy, as long as the emperor himself came back safely, it had to call Under Armour Curry 3 triumph. Therefore, rituals, captive, on meritorious service tours, ministers on the table to celebrate and the like, must be royal family expedition standard. Compared to the emperor, the king, the Chinese emperor is not keen on the Royal expedition Said so much, in fact, mainly on paper. Because the whole view, the Chinese emperor is not keen on the Royal expedition. In addition to the dynasties of the founding emperor need to rely on relatives to achieve UGG Orejeras rojo unity, the successor of the emperor are basically no troops. Emperor Kangxi this love and play will fight, it is a case. In fact, most of the emperor of the founding fathers of the imperial expedition, ended in failure. The most tragic of course is the Ming Yingzong Zhu Qi Zhen, simply became a captive himself. In contrast to the European world, the emperor's fighting enthusiasm is more abundant. Going far said that Greece, Macedonia are fighting the king in command. Nearly three decades of war in Europe, seven years of war, the emperor, the king led the war. Not to mention the moncler outlet sito ufficiale modern history also contributed to Napoleon such a war genius. So, the same is the emperor, fighting to this gap ye so Nike Air Max Shoes big? The reason can be a lot of explanation, history, geography, nation is the reason, but the most essential reason, probably because of the different system. Medieval Western countries are mostly Adidas Scarpe online feudal system, the king has the king's army, princes have princes of their own army. The so-called 'my subsidiary is not my subsidiary,' the princes of the army only listen to the princes and not listen t


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