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etailed note, no more repeat here. In this way, I have quite a source of Qin and Qin, it should be regarded as a fan. However, junior high school graduation thirty years I have almost never seen the drama of the home of the village, the village village play also played for Nike Air Max Kids Shoes many years, heavy school and hasty work, so I missed a lot of opportunities, so many years There is no real righteousness to read a play. Sophora japonica fragrance of the day, salt officials Yanjing Temple began, dry drum gong sound, a drama and started. Last night coincided with the weekend, I had dinner early rushed to the theater want to revisit childhood memories. From 8 o'clock to 11:30 or so, I finally calm down to look down on a play song love lofty and great drama! This Air Jordan 12 drama is called 'mother tears', before I have never seen, but the actors in the changing stage background contrast in the singing, posture, expression and other aspects of the excellent performance, successfully created a character full of flesh and blood full Character image. Especially the protagonist of the ordinary woman Sun Shulin as a husband's wife, the mother of two children, her husband scattered casual tragedy and eighteen years of tracing the ups and downs and Chu pain to give a strong sense of shock  successfully created a character full of flesh and blood full Character image. Especially the protagonist of the ordinary woman Sun Shulin as a husband's wife, the mother of two children, her husband scattered casual tragedy and eighteen years of tracing the ups and downs and Chu pain to give a strong sense of shockMother of the dawn of the sewing club When I knocked on the title, my mouth could not help but smile. Because my mother had worked in the place called the dawn of the sewing club for more than forty years, that is from her flowering season until the fate of the year, her youth are dedicated to the sewing career, the mother's life in the end seam How many pieces of clothes, how many pieces of pants I am afraid that she can not calculate their own. Wenchuan County, how many people through the mother played the clothes even more to know. Mother, ingenuity of the mother only know a month of sewing clothes to achieve the number of pieces to complete the task this month, the mother only Womens Free Shoes care about the task to complete the work of the road and how many points to increase. All the work points finally become raising our three sisters living expenses and tuition fees. So I used as a topic, is the mother of the professional respect and respect, but also on the dawn of the sewing club had fun burning, endless memories of Cheap Womens Nike Shoes On Sale years. Childhood, language teacher arrangement of writing always let me write their most familiar people, the most respected people, the most loved ones. But I never wrote my own mother, whenever I give my classmates or friends to introduce their mother is a tailor, the mother Authentic Kids Nike Shoes will always be corrected: I am not a worker but a lathe. The discourse is a real humility. I was still in my infancy when my mother took me to work, and at first she took me back on the back, and I always fell asleep as she treaded the sewing machine, like a lullaby. Once my mother was busy playing the clothes, staggering start I went to the Iowa Bridge alone to play, when I saw the wood under the Nike Basketball Shoes Sale raging river, I scared did not dare to cry but carefully crawl over the bridge board ready to go to the river On the other side of the business to do small business, the results were found on the bridge people, they asked me who is the child, and finally someone know me, my mother back to work place. Yes ah, my young mother did not have any panic and scared, busy still, that year I was just two years old. Dawn sewing workers have a dozen workers and my age of the same age, who did not have three or five dolls? The unit system Cheap Nike Shoes For Men is not clear not allowed to take the child to work this provision, so our childhood was unfettered, even if the parents met at night, a group of monkeys generally naughty children from this case board to climb another case board under the hide and seek, Sometimes hidden in the wardrobe cabinets did not think if the risk of shut out in the inside out. Dawning Sewing Club has four types of work: the leg of the aunt sitting in front of the counter receipt, billing, afterwards, because she is a high school student, is a rare intellectual, accounting. The second type of work is the master cut, right! Can not call their workers, cutting is a high technical Cheap Nike Shoes Sale requirements of a type of work, a soft ruler often hang on their items, a wooden case of the word to start a total of four or five, the master have their own site, color painting Powder, sharp scissors and so are comfortable lying on the board as confident of them. The Cheap Air Jordan Shoes third type of work is the lathe (sewing), is the core of its entire processing process, but also the most workers of a kind of work; the fourth type of work called the household, responsible for the late to the finished product lock buttonhole and nail buttons and so on. In the era of little selling finished clothes, each family has a government distribution o

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